How to Accessorize for Your Wedding with Everly

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Thank you to Everly for partnering with me for this post. Opinions and style are 100% my own.

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Picking out my wedding accessories was one of the hardest things I had to do. There are so many aspects to consider and traditions that you try to keep. As a bride, you tend to change your mind over and over again. For me, it originally was with the idea of having a veil. I originally was not planning to have one, but then within the last few weeks I changed my mind, and I am glad I did.

But I want to talk about the smaller things – the smaller accessories that many brides either overlook or they include, but many people don’t notice. It’s the jewelry. Many brides take so much time and consideration to pick out their jewelry, but many guests don’t even notice it. (Obviously, it is because the dress is taking the prime spotlight, but that neither here nor there). But there is a lot of time and consideration that goes into picking out bridal jewelry.

For example, I spent over an hour in a store trying to find the right pair of earrings for my wedding day. I had to convince myself out of some and at one point, I was walking around with four different options and couldn’t decide.

There are just a lot of things to consider.

For my wedding day, I wanted to make sure that some of my jewelry was sentimental and pieces that I could wear past my wedding day and, when wearing them, remember how special the day was. And for that, I found Everly rings that brought everything together.

Everly has an amazing collection of rings – my favorite being the stackable bands.

For my wedding, I doubled up on the selection and used Everly for two purposes.

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When I shopped Everly, my first focus was to find a collection of stackable rings that I could wear for my wedding day as accessories, and to find bands that my husband can add to past our wedding.

I choose a collection of stackable bands that represented me and our union.

My collection consisted of silver bands that matched with my wedding band & engagement ring. I wanted the ability to be able to wear them on my opposite hand or stack them above my rings on my ring finger.

One of the bands that are a part of the five ring set is purple. I chose one of them to be in the color as a connection to the wedding day. With our wedding colors being purple and silver, that band is a perfect connection to the day.

On our wedding day, I stacked the bands on my opposite hand and I was so happy about what the bands added to the look.

The Everly team assisted me with this collection to make sure that the bands stacked together well and to make sure that the collection would be important to me.

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Iesha Pete Wedding 0209

Along with my wedding set, Everly also supplied me with rings for my bridesmaids.

Each of my bridesmaids received a band in a color of their choice from one style – the Pisa band.

On the day, we all wore our bands together to show our connection as a bridal party. These ladies are special to me, and I chose them to stand by me for a reason. So, I wanted to give them something that would connect them to me, and give them something that would remind them and myself of the wedding journey.

Everly had so many selection of rings that it was, at first, hard to make a decision. Each ring is gorgeous and anyone can find a ring to match their style and personality.

My wedding day would have had something missing if it were not for these Everly rings.

It meant so much to me and my bridal party.

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Everly has daily stackable deals on the unique and gorgeous bands in their collection. Also, there are new pieces coming out almost weekly that you can hear about immediately by signing up for their newsletter.

Using the Everly band as one of my bridal accessories and bridesmaids gifts was one of the best choices that I made in my wedding planning.

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