Ultimate Shop LTK Guide: What is LTK and How Do You Monetize As an Influencer

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If you’re a blogger or influencer, you’re doubtlessly asked over and over again where you got your shoes, where you bought your bedspread, or if the eyeshadow you’ve been wearing is still in stock. Your followers love your style, and they want to know how to make it a part of their own lives. In the past, you’ve probably replied to your follower’s social media comments or shot a quick DM back their way, but what if I told you that there was a way that your followers could shop your favorite items anytime that they wanted, and that you could be making a commission of their purchases? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not – it’s LTK. What is LTK, you might ask? LTK is about to change your life – and I can’t wait to show you how.

Ultimate Shop LTK Guide
The Ultimate Shop LTK Guide


What is LTK?

You might be more familiar with their old name – LikeToKnow.It. LTK is an app within which users can follow their favorite influencers and shop their favorite products. If they see a content creator’s Instagram story or blog post and find themselves obsessed with a piece of their outfit or a home decor item they’ve shared about, they can go on that creator’s LTK page and purchase the item for themselves.

LTK has over 8 million users – and it’s only growing – so it’s the perfect place for influencers to jump onboard and begin receiving commissions for sharing about the things they love. Creators actually have a secondary LTK app of their own – the LTK Creator app. Within this app, creators can create their product compilations, build affiliate links, and track their sales and analytics. To use LTK to its full potential, you’re going to want to utilize both apps. So take a second to download them both, and we’ll dive in to it!

LTK Creator Apps


LTK: The overarching company, as well as the app your followers will use to shop your selections.

LTK Creator: The app that you will be using to get affiliate links, track sales and commissions, and more.

LTK Shop: Your individual shop or page on which all of your selections will be shared with your audience.

Commission: A portion of a sale given to you by the company for bringing a patron to a product.

Commission Rate: The percentage of the sale you will be receiving. Example: If your commission rate is 5% and you sell a $100 product, you’ll make a $5 commission from the sale.

Affiliate Link: A link to your favorite product that is yours and yours alone. When a user clicks on one of your affiliate links and ultimately purchases the item, the sale is traced back to you, and as a result, you receive a commission for bringing the user to the product.

LinkNinja: A browser extension that you can use to create affiliate links from outside websites.

Supported Brands: Brands that are eligible for building affiliate links via LinkNinja. If a site is not a supported brand, you will receive an error message when you try to create the affiliate link.

HOW TO Get Started:

1. Apply to be a Creator

First things first – you have to apply to be a Creator. If you have a solid platform and are someone who posts product-related content regularly, you shouldn’t have any problem being accepted. Once you’ve signed up, build a profile by adding your basic information, as well as your payment information for when you receive commissions. Don’t forget to make your username the same as your social media usernames so that your followers can find you easily!

2. Install LinkNinja

On the LTK site, install LinkNinja so that you’ll be able to pull products from your favorite sites.

LTK LinkNinja
3. Download LTK + LTK Creators App

If you haven’t already, download both the LTK app as well as the LTK Creators app from the App Store.

4. Customize Your Profile

Write a quick bio so that your followers know what to expect from your posts. If someone stumbles onto you via LTK without knowing you from elsewhere on social media, you want them to know why they should stick around!

Next, add your sizes, so that your audience has an idea of how they should choose their own sizes when shopping your content. Your followers need to know whether you’re tall, petite, etc. to know how to best select pieces that will work for them.

Finally, add your social media username so that people can be certain it’s you, as well as a profile picture and header banner.

That’s it – you’re ready to get started!

LTK Profile

USING THE Creator App

Using The LTK Creator App

This is your main landing page for all things LTK. You can access your analytics and recently sold products from your home page to see how you’re doing!

Product Links

It’s all about the links, friends – here’s where you grab them to share with your audience, as well where you can see how links are doing.


Your shop page shows what your audience sees when they visit your page while also giving you behind-the-scenes access to trending content, as well as your scheduled and drafted posts that are not yet public.

Product Search

Search products to link or add to your shop.


When you’re saving content for LTK, you want to be sure you’re staying organized. Use folders to categorize the products you choose, such as having a folder for Jewelry, Athletic Wear, or Amazon Finds.


Posting On LTK

Now that you understand the app, it’s time to begin posting! Posting on LTK is incredibly simple. Here’s how it’s done:

Setting the Stage

So, by now, you’ve realized just how great LTK is, and you’re excited to start integrating it as a part of your work as an influencer. You’re excited to get the ball rolling and tell your followers how easily they can now shop your favorite products. But there are a few steps you need to take first.

Create a Shop You’re Proud Of

When you first introduce your followers to your LTK, you want them to fall in love with it! Take the time to make sure that your shop is everything that you want it to be. Create a solid number of posts – I’d recommend 10-15, but you can really do as many as you’d like – so that you have an established page when people find you.

Make Sure It’s Easily Accessible

Your followers spend a lot of time online, and they can’t keep track of everything. Make finding your LTK page as simple as possible so that they don’t have to stress. Add it to all of your social media pages with a fun tagline like “Shop My Closet” or “See My Outfits” so that it’s only a click away.

If you’re a blogger, make sure that your LTK info can be found in the dropdown information of your header, and consider creating a static blog post as well for your followers to reference whenever they’d like!

Introducing Your Audience to LTK

Everything is set up and you’re ready to begin. But your followers have never heard of LTK, and they don’t know why you’re using it or what benefit it is to them. How do you jump into explaining it to them?

First off, just walk them through it! Whether you kick things off with a blog post, a YouTube video, or a laid-back Instagram Story or IG Live, talk to your followers about app and what exactly it is. Explain that LTK is a tool that will make their lives easier and give them better access to your outfits and favorite items, and that it will save you time in the long run from having to answer the same questions over and over every time you share a new look.

I would also recommend teaching your followers how to use LTK. They have enough on their plates – don’t make them spend more time than they should trying to figure it out! Walk them through the app with some screenshots or screen recordings. They’ll appreciate it, and will be more likely to get onboard if they don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting.

Most importantly, be honest. Explain to your followers how affiliate links work, and share that you’ll make a small commission off of their purchase when they shop your LTK. Your followers want you to succeed, and if you explain to them that affiliate commissions allow you to keep creating the content that they love and receive regularly for free, they’ll be excited at the opportunity to support you. Talking about money can feel uncomfortable at first, but everyone has to make a living, and your audience knows that. Being transparent with them upfront builds trust and will be best for both your and your followers!

Where Do I Use Affiliate Links?
In Your Bio

Check it once, then check it twice! I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: you need your LTK link in your social media bios for easy access for your followers!

Instagram DMs

You know the drill: you get a message from someone who loves the dress in your last Insta post, or is dying to know where your new dishes in your YouTube video are from. When you answer their question, include an affiliate link! Now they don’t have to go digging through the website of the brand or store that you originally purchased the item from – they have a direct link to buy it for themselves. It’s the best time-saver.

Instagram Posts

You’re always posting your favorite outfits on Instagram. Now, your followers will be able to shop the looks with ease. Anytime that you post a cute outfit photo to your feed, post it on LTK first, linking all of the pieces. Trust me – your followers will love you for it.

Instagram Stories

Whether you’re linking a single piece or a full look, sharing affiliate links in your IG stories is a quick and easy way to send your followers over to your LTK. Plus, you can save your posts to your Highlights, giving your followers easy access anytime!


It tends to get overlooked, but you can’t underestimate the value that Pinterest can have for your business as an influencer. Whether it’s a standard pin or an Idea Pin, be sure that you’re regularly uploading content onto Pinterest and using links from LTK!


It seems obvious, but it’s worth reminding you – affiliate links are your best friend on your blog! Whenever you share style, beauty, or lifestyle posts, you can link each piece, or share a similar piece if the original is out of stock. LTK also offers a variety of widgets, so you can integrate your shop in whatever way is best for you! Each of these widgets can be found via LTK Desktop under “Tools”.

LTK Collaborations

Another way in which LTK is a great tool for influencers and content creators is the collaboration opportunities that they provide. Using data on their Creators’ performance, they cast for various collaborations and campaigns. If you’ve been struggling to gain the growth you want to have on Instagram–and are struggling to get brand deals as a result–LTK is another resource to move you forward.

The best way to be selected for these campaigns is to grow your overall commissions. If you post consistently and build an audience of people who regularly shop your products, you’ll gain higher visibility and become more likely to be noticed by LTK’s team.

Make sure that you’ve filled out your Collaborations Profile, and that it’s thorough and up-to-date. Additionally, make sure that your main profile is professional and ready to be looked over by top brands, and that your mobile phone number is entered in your Basic Information.

LTK offers three tips for enhancing your performance and growth:

  • Post consistently to grow your overall commissions
  • Link to desired brands for an increase in visibility
  • Use the LTK Creator analytics to track your performance and better optimize your content

By working consistently to grow your visibility, reach, and commissions, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to be noticed by the brands that you want to be working with.


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