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The heat of the summer is now long gone, and I have to admit that I am super excited about it. I have always been a Fall person, and not just because I was born in the Fall. But speaking of my birthday, it is next month! And as hubby and I begin thinking of ideas of how to celebrate, I often go to the thought of what I am going to wear if I go out. It is easier to dress for nights outs during the warmer months because throwing on a short, black dress is so super easy and accessible when it is warmer. And though there are quite a few long-sleeved black dresses that can be found for the colder months, I don’t want to drown out in the dreariness of the colder nights. So, why not spice things up and create some chic and cute Fall date outfits?

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For my Fall nights out, I like to laver with dresses whether they are long-sleeved or not. In the early Fall, it is super easy to throw on a long-sleeved dress and leave your legs out there without feeling as if you are going to get too cold. But as it gets colder, my tip is to layer with some vibrant or fashionable tights. There are so many stores now that have patterned tights that make your outfit pop.

I just grabbed a pair of printed tights yesterday that had a rose pattern embedded into them with hints of red around the edges of the design. It has been wonderful putting them together with a variety of different outfits and I can’t wait to share them with you as I begin putting together more of my Fall outfits.

This dress has been one of my favorites to wear, and I actually wore it to a date night out recently. It is snug and comfortable and it keeps me warm without overheating me. I decided to pair the dress with a clutch handbag in a dark color along with some dark, embellished booties to make sure the color of the dress stand out, and have those accessories become pop pieces when they are noticed.

The trick is, as always, is to create a luxury look that also keeps you comfortable. Many forgo comfort and warmth when going out, and I shake my head at them when I see them walking around the streets of Philly shivering and trying to cozy up to their date who is walking steps ahead of them trying to get to the location.

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When the Fall season approaches, there are actually quite a lot of places to shop for great fall date night outfits that you’ll love and want to wear, but when styling it, you may find yourself stuck. Or you may just be in the position where you don’t even know where to start. Below are a collection of ideas of things to wear for your fall date outfit along with some great picks for you to style your looks.

    Cutout dresses are a huge staple right now and people are loving them. For the cold weather season, you can find a collection of cut out dresses that ares warm and come in a variety of colors. If you’re okay with showing a little bit of skin on your date, try one of these dresses.
    Going out for a date night that has a night club feel? Then you may want to style some classy sequins for your date night look. With sequin pieces varying from pants to top to shorts, there are a variety of looks that you can create for your fall date outfit.
    Knit dresses are a highly popular option for date nights since you’ll be comfortable, warm, and still look cute. What I love about knit dresses for a date night look is the body hugging element of it. If you’re someone not looking to show off any skin but still want to show off your figure, a knit maxi or midi dress may just be for you.
    For an elevate luxury look, pick out a mini dress and long coat to make a statement that stands out. When styling this look, try to pick pieces that have matching tones or even go for the monochromatic look.
    The oversized blazer is a great date night piece since you can style it in a variety of ways. If you’re going for a dressier look, pair it over a satin dress. Or if you’re going more casual, then just pair it with a pair of straight jeans and a body suit. The oversized blazer also works great as a dress since there are a variety of oversized blazer dresses that you can rock with some over the knee boots.
    If you really want to make a statement and follow a trend that is here to stay, try the sheer dress. Layering it over a bandeau top with bottoms or over a spaghetti strap dress will create a sultry look.


Shop some of these key trending pieces that will have you looking your best for your date night. To elevate the look, read about why I would wear the piece and the specific ways to style it to help you create the ultimate Fall date night look.



Throw the the “you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day” thought and make this dress a great casual date night piece. For styling, I would pair this with a cinched belt with a gold clasp in white or brown. Add a pair of knee high boots that are either one toned or in a statement print or color to make the look slight more bold. This is also a great dress to add a longer coat over to keep you warm in between going from place to place

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This bodysuit is a piece that you can create a variety of looks with and it brings the sheer trend to light without making it too overwhelming for you. To balance the sheer, get a black bandeau or tube top to layer underneath for comfort. For bottoms, you can do a variety of different things from pairing the to with a black, faux leather skirt, pants or short. Or even get super classy and find a wide black skirt that follows your moment when you walk.

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This satin dress with definitely turn head, and there is not much styling that you’ll be required to do with it since it’s a dress that will work by itself. Find a pair of similar colored or black heels to match with this look and a cute clutch and head of for your date. The movement of this dress is just amazing and it keeps you warm enough to get from place to place in the Fall, but is light enough that you won’t feel as if you’ll be sweating during your date.

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This chocolate dress brings together two different Fall date outfit elements – the cutout dress and the sheer dress. And what’s great with this sheer dress is that you don’t have to locate other pieces to layer underneath since the sheer is only in the arms and shoulder area. This dress is great to show off your figure, give a little bit of skin, an just look fabulous overall. Pair this dress with a pair brown, black or gold shoes and a clutch that matches your shoes and you’re ready for date night.

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Another dress that can stand by itself is this sweater dress that is perfect for late evening Fall date nights and well as date nights towards the end of Fall as it’s getting closer to the Winter season. For this outfit, I would do a monochrome look and find a pair of similar colored heels or booties and match it with a small handbag in the same color. You can fashion it with some gold jewelry and even add a gold waist chain to include another element to this look.

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