How to Dress for the Heat

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It’s not news that in the Summer that you can get really uncomfortable in the summer heat. Whether you get the sticky, humid heat or the uncomfortable, dry heat, you end up in the position where you don’t know what to wear and you’re not even really sure whether you want to leave the house. So then you begin asking yourself what are the best clothes in the summer season, and you may even begin looking for cooling clothes for hot weather.

Each season, as I transition my closet, I add new pieces to my closet that are primarily cotton or linen. The reason why you may ask…well, that’s because those two types of fabrics are great for dressing for the summer heat. But you don’t have to stop there with just that tip for dressing for the heat, here are a few other great tips to help you bear the heat and still dress your very best.

When it comes to figuring out what to wear in the summer, there are many things that you have to consider and may ways that you can go about shopping for pieces to add to your closet. There is not a set uniform for an outfit for hot weather. Overall, it comes down to what you’re doing while your out in the heat and what fits your personal style.

Whether you’re looking for what to wear kayaking in the summer or what to wear to a wedding in the summer, I’m rounding up a collection of tips and top outfits to style for the summer. Because let’s face it, no one wants to be outside sweating and feeling unbearably uncomfortable. So here it is, the tips that I live by during the summer and some ideas for clothes in the summer season.

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Outfits For Summer Heat
Outfits For Summer Heat


  • Stock Up On Dresses
    This is a pretty obvious one because it’s a no brainer that wearing a dress in the heat gives you the ability to feel a little more free and get a little more air around your body to cool you off. The less amount of fabric sticking directly to your body, the better. To pair with this tip, I suggest wearing a wrap dress as those tend to be a little more flowy and you can adjust how tight it is around you.
  • Wear Shapes That Fall Away from You
    Whether dresses, tops, or skirts, try to find pieces of clothing that fall away from you. Paper bag shorts and pants as well as clothing like wrap skirts and skirts that flare away are great pieces to wear in the summer because they don’t hug your body. Though there are many places that you’ll go and find items such as bodycon dresses, they aren’t always the best for dressing for the heat.
  • Avoid Black
    White and bright colors reflect the sun and don’t absorb heat. Black absorbs heat and you’ll feel it when you wear it, so try to avoid darker colors and go for more pastels or lighter colors. Even more, try wearing a variety of prints as prints are great for hiding any sweat marks in the case that you are outside and getting a little bit drippy.
  • Go for Cutout Pieces
    A big trend during the summer are cutout dresses and cutout tops. You’ll find them mostly everywhere in a variety of different styles. With the cutout pieces, you’ll be able to have less fabric on your skin without feeling like you’re wearing a bathing suit.
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