What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight

What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

Over the years, going all the way back to when I was in high school, I have been taking flights all over the world. I’ve been to Portugal, Costa Rica, Italy, England, Spain, and many other countries that have had me on flights from 8 to 10 hours long. When I first started traveling, I will admit that I didn’t dress for style or comfort. I typically just threw something on and hoped it worked out for me in the end. In some cases it did, but in same cases it didn’t, and soon I learned what to wear on a long haul flight to make sure that I was absolutely comfortable while still looking stylish enough to be able to get off a flight and keep up appearances.

When it comes to dressing for long haul flights, you, of course, want to make sure that you are comfortable enough to be able to get some sleep without feeling restricted and confined. Because even with a cute outfit, if you are absolutely tired when you get off a flight, no outfit will make you look presentable. But that doesn’t mean that you need to hop on a flight wearing your pajamas or lounge outfits that make you look super touristy and a whole hot mess express when you get off the plane.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing my top tips and picks on what to wear on a long haul flight.

Wear On A Long Haul Flight


Surviving a long-haul flight, whether you are jetting across continents or within the confines of your home country, requires a thoughtful and strategy approach to ensure comfort and well-being throughout the journey.

Firstly, prioritize hydration by bringing a reusable water bottle and taking in a good amount of fluids that leave you hydrated but doesn’t leave you running to the bathroom every five minutes. Airplane cabins tend to have low humidity levels, contributing to dehydration, fatigue, and potential discomfort. Steer clear of excessive caffeine and alcohol, because they can really push you further towards dehydration which can make you super uncomfortable leading to lack of sleep and then struggling with jet lag. Additionally, consider using a hydrating facial mist to refresh your skin during the flight.

Secondly, plan strategically for rest and relaxation. Invest in a comfortable neck pillow and a cozy blanket so that you can make yourself comfortable enough to head to sleep. I have found that just by having these sleep accessories triggers me to actually be able to sleep on an airplane. Some other key tips for just surviving the flight is to adjust to the local time at your destination during the flight to help minimize jet lag upon arrival, regularly stretch your legs and perform in-seat exercises to promote circulation and alleviate stiffness and lastly, pack a well-equipped travel kit containing essentials like lip balm, moisturizer, and a sleep mask to create a personalized oasis in the air.

When you are able to feel comfortable while you are traveling, you are then able to look your best. Because there is not outfit that will make you look like you’re ready to take on the day and your travels if your body is just overall exhausted from the flight and simply being uncomfortable. Using these basic tips combined with the tips and picks below for dressing your best for a flight will provide you with confidence in taking long haul flights.


Essential Clothing Pieces FOR YOUR LONG HAUL FLIGHT

Going on a long haul flight means that it becomes essential to find a balance between comfort and style, and the right outfit can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Below you’ll find a curated selection of tips and picks to guide you on what to wear for those extended hours in the air. From cozy yet chic sweaters to the perfect pair of travel-friendly pants, I’ll share the key elements that contribute to a comfortable and stylish in-flight experience. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or gearing up for your first long journey, these tips and picks will be your starting guide to getting where you are going in confidently. Get ready to elevate your travel wardrobe and make every moment flying high a comfortable and stylish affair.


Your shoes can make or break a flight. Right when you get to the airport, your shoes make a difference. If you have shoes that require a lot of work to get on and off, then you might have some difficulty when going through security if you don’t have TSA PreCheck. But even after security, having shoes that you can easily slip on and off and that are very comfortable will make a difference. My main go to is having easily slip-on and off sneakers such as a pair of RYKA sneakers, so that I am comfortable walking (sometimes even running) through the airport and so that I am able to slip them off on the plane when I’m over wearing shoes and want to feel even more comfortable as I go to sleep.

At times, I have also worn flats that I can slip on and off, but I typically avoid wearing any type of sandals. If at any point that I have to get from one gate to another quickly due to a layover, the last thing I need is me tripping over my sandals. And if I have to use the bathroom, I don’t want my feet exposed to the floor in any way even if I have socks on.


On long haul flights, one thing that I have run into is issues with my blood flow – especially in my feet and legs. I don’t often feel super comfortable getting up and walking around the plane and in some cases, the flight staff doesn’t really want you to. And more importantly for me, I don’t want to be walking around when I can just sleep instead. So in recent years, one thing that I make sure that I have with me on my long haul flights is compression socks.

Wearing compression socks during a long-haul flight is crucial for maintaining great circulation. Sitting for long periods of time during flights can lead to poor blood circulation in the legs, resulting in swollen ankles, fatigue, and even the development of blood clots also known as deep vein thrombosis. Compression socks exert gentle pressure on the legs, helping to improve blood flow and reduce the risk of clot formation. Additionally, compression socks are beneficial for preventing leg cramps which have woken me up a time or two when I have been sleeping on a flight.


Two piece sets or matching sets tend to be an easy way to put together a stylish outfit for a flight. Whenever I am shopping for a new long haul flight outfit, I tend to start with looking for two piece sets and then add my other pieces around it. It keeps me from getting to that point where I find a bottom that I really like but I can’t find a top that goes with it. In most cases when I am looking for what to wear on a long haul flight and I’m leaning towards a two piece set, I’ll start shopping VS PINK because I’ve found a variety of two piece fleece sets with a fleece crop top and fleece flare sweatpants.

In many cases, I’ll stick to joggers and cropped top sets for my two piece sets, but another matching set that is great for traveling is wearing pullover matching sets or super relaxed lounge sets. Going with a loose fitting lounge top paired with either wide leg pants or palazzo pants, which is a great type of travel pants, will keep you comfortable and looking chic. And to add additional comfort, you can wear a short sleeve t-shirt underneath for an extra layer of comfort and for a stylish look that matches your bottoms if you get to a location where you need to remove your long sleeved top.


When it comes to styling cute sweaters, pullovers, or sweatshirts for a long-haul flight, comfort and coziness are something that you’ll easily find. Opt for oversized or relaxed-fit sweaters made from soft, breathable fabrics to ensure comfort. Underneath your sweater, you can layer with comfortable shirts that are also stylish which you can choose based on the destination that you are going to. For example, if I’m flying from Philadelphia during the Fall or Winter when it’s cold to a tropical destination, I’ll layer a cropped white tee underneath my sweater along with some neutral black yoga pants, so that when I get off the plane, I can tie my sweater around my waist and keep a chic look that looks super put together.


Swap out wearing jeans for a pair of yoga pants for a long haul flight. The stretchy, breathable fabric of yoga pants provides unrestricted movement, making them an ideal choice for hours spent sitting during travel especially when you want to sleep. I’ve always found that yoga pants travel very well when you’re going through different climates. The pants keep you warm when you are leaving or heading to a cooler weather location, but they also don’t make you feel overheated so when you land in a warmer climate, you don’t feel as if you need to strip right out of them immediately.


For those who aren’t really into the sweater or sweatshirt option, one thing I always advise it to put on your comfortable yoga pants, pair it with a cute t-shirt and then throw on a cardigan. With a cardigan, you can keep yourself warm but also easily strip it off when you are getting too hot. I’ve also often used my cardigan as a blanket when I want to sleep on a flight. I just take it off, flip it to my front and snuggle up with it and catch a little snooze during those long hours.



As you prepare for an upcoming long-haul flight, don’t overlook essential accessories that will pair with what to wear for a long haul flight. Your long flight could lead you staying in the day or having you scheduled for an overnight flight, but for either one, these essentials accessories for travel add to style and comfort. In this section, I’m going to share my top essential items that I make sure that I pack for a long haul flight that connects to the comfort and style that I want to have each time I take a trip. From neck pillows that cradle you in relaxation to versatile scarves that double as blankets, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.


If you haven’t gotten a travel pillow yet then you definitely need to get yourself one. Even if you’re only looking for comfort on a flight and you can forgo the stylish element of it all, a travel pillow is the most essential thing you’ll need to be able to sleep. I’ve found that even if I am flying business class or first class on a longer flight where they tend to give you a pillow and/or blanket, having an extra travel pillow still comes in hand for adding extra support around my head and neck and even under my legs.

One big tip that I often share with travelers is that I suggest getting a travel pillow that also bundles with a travel blanket. In many cases that I have traveled, the blankets for those


I don’t often board a long haul flight with a lot of makeup on, if any. And I only bring a small little kit of touch of makeup to get myself off a flight and look presentable as I continue through customs and on with the trip. But before I add any makeup to my face at the end of a flight, I make sure that I go through a little skincare routine to freshen my skin, reduce any under eye circles, and add back hydration that I may have lost during the flight. You can find skincare travel kits as kits already put together or you can put them together yourself with travel size skincare items. At a base, you’ll need cleansing clothes and a moisturizer to get rid of any dirt and add moisture back to your skin.

As a pro tip, if you’re planning to do your entire skincare routine without the need for any water and from your seat, make sure to also have some hand sanitizer with your skincare routine set so that you can cleanse your hands before starting to touch your face. The last thing you want is to get a breakout due to the transfer of dirt from your hands to your face.


Bringing a blanket scarf on a long-haul flight is a game-changer for both comfort and versatility. Not only do you get a touch of warmth in a chilly cabin but also get an extra layer to add over yourself to keep yourself looking comfortable and stylish. Lightweight and easy to fold, it’s the ideal travel companion that transitions seamlessly between functional warmth and chic accessory, making those long hours in the air considerably more pleasant and stylish.


Having a carry-on roller can give you so many benefits that not only add to what to wear for a long haul flight but how to make your airport experience a whole lot easier. If you are traveling from one completely different climate to another and don’t know exactly what to wear for a long haul flight that fits both areas, then packing an extra outfit in a carry-on roller can be a huge benefit for you. I’ve gotten off flights and headed right into bathrooms to change especially when my itinerary begins right after I have gotten off the plane and I don’t have the ability to head to the hotel or resort to change. Instead, I roll off with my carry-on and head into the bathroom to change and freshen myself up.


Getting sleep in an airplane can be difficult. You may end up next to a person who wants to keep the window open the entire flight or their overhead light on when they are reading. Or because they serve meals during the flight, you might find yourself having a hard time sleeping as they turn the lights on and off to serve meals and snacks. Having a sleep mask will help you to get a more relaxed and better sleep while also keeping you comfortable during a long haul flight.


Though this doesn’t really connect to what to wear for a long haul flight, I wanted to suggest to bring a reusable water bottle. When entering an airport, make sure that it’s empty or security will empty it for you. Then you can either try to fill it up in the airport or aim to fill it up on the flight. This will be a big help on the flight since you won’t want to keep your tray table down during the flight if you opt to get a cup of water. I find that having lots of water consumed before getting on a flight, during the flight, and even getting off gives me more energy because of the hydration which helps me to fight jet lag.


One last thing that you should have for your long haul flight look is a cute travel bag. Because I carry a lot of tech, I typically go for a cute tech backpack such as the cute Nordace travel backpack that I carry with me on all of my recent flights. But if you are someone that is not much of a backpack person a tote that closes and/or zips is a great option too. I highly emphasize that you make sure it closes because the last thing you want is that tote falling over under the seat in front of you and then all of your stuff rolling out and you losing it.



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What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight
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