What to Wear to Your Upcoming Interview

What To Wear To A Summer Interview Scaled
What To Wear To A Summer Interview

The new work season is approaching, and for some, that means that the time for open applications and scheduled interviews is here. Now, there are quite a few employers who did their interviewing over the summer, but for those other work places, where the HR team went on vacation, they are now back and ready to bring in new faces to their team. If you are the one applying to those work places, you may be staring into your closet trying to figure out what you should be wearing to your upcoming interview. I know when I went to interview, I was completely lost as to what to wear. But I learned, and I’m here to share with you some tips for dressing for your upcoming interview.



Blazer – Leith (Nordstrom) | Skort – Leith (Nordstrom) | Top – WAYF (Nordstrom)

Your outfit gives a first impression to employers and possible co-workers. When you walk into the workplace, your outfit, how you carry yourself, and other aspects of your appearance are what is going to speak before you even open your mouth. So make sure it says something about you and your personality. You want to make sure that you look clean, approachable, and professional. But also don’t hide yourself. You never know what type of personality that you employers are looking for, and if you cover up your personality, you may miss out on the job. Because that could have been what they are looking for.

With interviewing being a very stressful moment, you also want to wear something that you are comfortable in. You don’t want to wear something that you feel like you are going to have to adjust or pull up every five seconds. This outfit that I grabbed during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale immediately screamed – “GREAT FOR INTERVIEW!”

The blazer is a piece that looks profession put gives a personal and vibrant edge. It says sophistication with a touch of being personable and also full of life. Then the tie-front skort gives an illusion of being a professional looking skirt that you could go into a business meeting in, but since it is shorts, you will be comfortable and not feel as if you should be worried whether you are going to flash someone or not. No adjustment needed.

You can pair this blazer and skort with a lavender or white top in a style that showcases who you are. Now, though this is a top I would probably not wear to a school interview, I will admit that if I were to ever go into the business field, I would wear this top. It shows edge – and many business employers like someone with a little bit of edge. Someone that is not scared to push the boundaries.

In the end, take a deep breath and don’t stress. You’re going to do amazing in your interview!

Leith Blazer

Outfit For A Summer Interview
Leith Outfit
Summer Interview
Nordstrom Leith Outfit
Leith Tie Front Skort
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