What to Wear to Happy Hour in the City

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One of the great things about going out into the city, for me particular, in Philadelphia, is that there are so many options in places to eat as well as places to go and have a drink. Happy hour is one of my favorite times during the weekday, and it always bums me out that happy hour doesn’t exist on the weekends. Each time that I RSVP for a happy hour event, the first thing I do is look up the location so that I can get the vibe of the place which happens to help me determine what to wear. Over the years, I’ve developed a particular wardrobe for the occasion, so I want to share with you some great suggestions on what to wear to happy hour in the city.



Depending on where you are coming from when heading to happy hour in the city will change up what you may be specifically wearing to the occasion, but one main thing is that you want to make sure that you’re comfortable. During happy hour, you’ll either be sitting or standing near the bar or hanging out at a table if one is available, and you’ll probably have a few drinks and nibble on some bites. So with all of that going on, you’ll want to wear something that has a little give so that you don’t feel confined the entire night.

Now, if you’re heading to happy hour after you leave the office, you may have on an outfit that is a workwear look that transitions really well to a happy hour look, or if you’re not coming from working in an office and you are specifically dressing for the occasion, you may want to aim for your look to match more of the vibe of the location where you are heading to for happy hour. For example, if it’s more of a rooftop bar with a luxury vibe, you may be a little more dressy – skirt or dress – but if you’re heading to a beer garden with a super relaxed vibe, you may end up putting on a flattering pair of jeans with a super cute top.

I always suggest taking a peek at the location that you’ll be heading to for happy hour in the city to figure out what the vibe is and then create an outfit that matches your personality and have fun. Below, you’ll find some great happy hour appropriate pieces to add to your closet, and F=for all my Philadelphia area people, or those who are visiting, I’ve included a little list below of great happy hour locations in Philly.

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Happy hour in Philadelphia is very vibrant, and there are a number of places to go for a short happy hour during the week, or if you’re looking for a place for brunch, lunch, dinner, or late-night drinks. Honestly, I am still working my way through getting through them all and I feel that every time that I feel like I’m checking more and more off the list, new locations pop up making me more excited for my next visit to the city.

Here is a shortlist of some great places to visit for a happy hour in Philadelphia.

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