What to Wear to the Rooftop Pool in the City

Pool Wear

Pool Wear

Living inside and around the city means that there is a limitation to the number of backyard pools you have access to. If you live in the suburbs outside the city, you may either know someone that has a pool or maybe you have one yourself, but that is not always the case. And if you live inside the city, there’s not a lot of landscape around that allows you to have your own personal pool that is reasonably affordable. But one great thing about the city is that there are a number of rooftop pools that are accessible, super luxe, and often have fun events that happen at them quite frequently.

Over the years, I’ve found that in my favorite city of Philadelphia, going to a rooftop pool has actually been a lot more fun and exciting than going to a friend’s backyard pool. In some cases, you have access to a bar, other amenities, and it gives you the opportunity to socialize with a larger group.

In the city, you’ll find a number of rooftop pools in a variety of venues. Whether you find the pool on the roof of a very popular hotel or whether, such as in this case, you find it at the top of an apartment building where you’ll either need special access from the building itself, be a resident, or if the pool also doubles as a lounge/bar and there’s a different entry, the pool scene is always one that has an amazing view and a great atmosphere. And if you’re attending that rooftop pool party for an event or if you’re a resident of the apartment building, you may find yourself wondering what you should wear.

Whichever case it may be, my first tip for dressing for a rooftop pool in the city is to have some sort of a coverup. It can a piece that is actually made just to be a coverup or a dress doubling as a coverup, but no matter what, I’m always one that says the coverup matters – especially if you’re traveling to the location and don’t feel like getting changed once you are there. Even if you’re a resident at the building with the bar, you may not want to take the elevator or walk through the building because it’s most likely cold.

Other than the coverup, you obviously want your bathing suit. Cute, classic, and city-style bathing suits are always my go-to’s when heading to a rooftop bar. Being able to have my swim not look as if I am heading to the beach but more of an outing where the bathing suit looks like it could also be a top or bodysuit as a part of an outfit I would wear out to happy hour allows it to double just like that if I am attending a rooftop event, which many of us may be in this case.

I’ve linked some amazing pieces below on what I would recommend wearing to a rooftop pool in the city!

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