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When I graduated from college, many people had told me that I needed to dump out my closet and start over again. They told me that the majority of my clothes that I wore in my earlier years of college, and even some in my later years, were not going to be acceptable for the adult working world. One of the main pieces that they told me that I needed to scrap was the crop top. The crop top, to them, was an adolescent piece of clothing that was meant to be only worn by those 21 and under (maybe, you can get it away with it up to 23). And though, at first, I believed them and got rid of all of those cute, dressy crop tops that I loved. But now, I’m realizing that crops tops aren’t just for the teen. If you style them right, you can wear them with a mixture of a variety fo outfits.



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Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that you need to have all of these crop tops in your closet and you should be wearing them to work, out to dinner with your parents, and everywhere in between. What I am saying is that there is no need to get rid of your crop tops and avoid them all together.

In my closet, I keep a good collection of crop tops in black, white, and in a few of my go-to neutral colors. I also keep a variety of sleeve lengths, so that I can still wear the style during various seasons.

I often pair my crop tops with high-waisted bottoms only either leave a sliver of my core showing or to cut it off completely. Some of the crop top lengths come down towards the middle of your core versus right under your chest so that it meets the top of the high-waisted bottoms. When looking for these, especially online, you can just check out the sizing that is shown on the model and go from there. In store – I suggest you just try it on.

There are also a variety of bottoms that are listed as super high-waisted which are perfect for wearing with a crop top.

I don’t always wear jeans with my crop tops in my day-to-day looks, but often style my crop tops with skirts since they are easier to adjust and with my petite frame, it allows me to shorten the skirt without actually having to hem the skirt.


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And there may be times where you may not be able to find a crop top that fits the exact way that you want to, but maybe you still want to go with that crop top look.

I shared this look in a previous post. The top that I am wearing is not a crop top but I was able to turn it into one and now extend the look and use of this top. I decided to tie the top and create a crop top look with a pair of high-waisted pants.

Another look that I created with a crop top was with a work wear skirt. I featured it on Instagram awhile ago.

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