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If you haven’t heard, seen, or noticed yet, but I am on Youtube. At the beginning of this year, I made it a goal to start further developing and expanding upon my Youtube channel. My channel has existed for some time, but it wasn’t something that I was focusing on because it wouldn’t make or break me. I put it to the side and actually started forgetting that it even existed. But now, as I am interested in expanding and sharing more with you all, I decided to begin investing more time in my channel to give you all more behind the scenes action of what happens on my various trips, my true thoughts on various products that I receive, and to share some #RealTalk on moments going on in my life.

I want to share with you my goals for this year as it applies to my Youtube channel and then share with you the reasons why these goals are so important to me as a blogger whose main platform is this blog that you’re reading right now.


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But let’s back up a little and talk about why I even had started a Youtube channel.

I’ve been addicted to Youtube ever since it came to be. I am a very visual person and learn better when I can see what is going on. Even when I am learning a new recipe, I can’t just read the directions, I need to see what is going on and then I can adapt it into my own way. So as Youtube developed and many of the beauty gurus, who I absolutely adore, began their start on Youtube, I relied on Youtube to help develop my own beauty skills way before I even started this blog.

And then when I first started blogging, I began looking at Youtube as a resource to learn all of the technical aspects that I needed to learn and develop to establish my blog, develop my photography and editing skills, and learn from women who are established in this field and killing the game. To be open, many of the women that I follow on Youtube are women that I admire and are constantly learning from so that I can grow and get to the place that I want to be as a female entrepreneur.

When I saw many fashion bloggers begin going onto Youtube to share fashion advice and lifestyle tips, I thought that this should be something that I should explore. I mean, why not. No harm no foul.

So that’s when I began my Youtube channel. I had and still have no want to be a Youtuber. My blog is my main platform. Just as some Youtubers have a blog to share their Youtube videos and use Youtube as their main platform, I am using Youtube as a way to further share aspects of my blog beyond what I am sharing right here.

I created my Youtube channel for my readers, so they can see more and to see whether it could help me further extend myself past this and connect with those who are visual learners like myself. It was a rough start, but I did it, and now I’m furthering it past what it was last year.

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Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I have mastered anything regarding Youtube. I am still learning each and every day which is why it is goal of 2018. I want to create more content, and I want to make my videos look clear and defined (note how I didn’t say completely professional…I’ll explain that idea below). I want to share more with you all in all different aspects.

My goal is to expand and grow as the trends are changing and as technology is changing. And maybe as I go, there will be more that I’ll add. But for now, here are my Youtube goals for 2018.


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When I first started my Youtube channel, I went around and read various articles and watched a ton of videos of what I needed to do first in order to make videos and make a channel that would gain followers. It was a lot of information to sort through, and honestly, I am still sorting through a lot of it.

I eventually lost myself in the idea that this Youtube channel and started focusing a lot of my efforts on creating traction on this channel instead of using it as what it was really intended to. It’s very hard to get lost in that space, and if you’re a blogger who is interested in starting a Youtube channel, make sure that you establish what you goal is for this channel and hold onto it. If it is just to share aspects of your blog and to create content that you can post in your blog posts, then make sure you hold onto that.

The one thing that happened to me is that I started comparing myself to Youtubers and started to think that my channel was failing because it wasn’t growing as theirs were. But then I realized that it shouldn’t be. Theirs was growing because that was their main platform and they were putting all of their energy into Youtube where I needed to be putting all of my energy into my blog.

It’s very easy to get lost into that space, which is why I even stepped back from my Youtube channel and wasn’t creating a lot of content on it. When I first created it, I had put together about 3-4 videos that I ended up posting. But then after that, my channel fell dormant until I began working on it again these past few months.

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So, if you visit my Youtube channel, which I hope you do and subscribe, here are a few things that you’ll find on my channel and some things you won’t.

Let’s start with what you won’t find.

You won’t find a consistent posting of content to my Youtube channel. I will be posting content as need be when it connects to the consistent content that is being published on my blog. Remember, my blog is my major platform and it is here where I have been and will be continuing to post regular content.

You won’t find highly professional and extremely well-developed videos. I’m not saying that my videos will be absolutely horrible. I did invest in tools that will produce good videos, but most of the funds that I invest go toward tools I need for my blog content. So, at this point, I am not investing into buying a drone or GoPro. Maybe later, but not now.

Now, let me tell you what you will find.

You’ll find behind the scenes moments of content that is created on this blog. I want to share with you everything that I can. I’ll be honest, my life as a blogger is not as glamorous all the time as it seems to be.

You’ll find reviews of products that I also share on my blog, but instead of just the reading and photos, you’ll see the try-ons and what the various products that I share actually look like on, and you’ll see how I apply/use them and the techniques that I use. It’s great if you’re a visual learner like me.

You’ll find videos on #RealTalk. Every once and awhile, I will post a diary video that is just real talk about things going on in my life such as why and how I’ve been changing my hair up, the pressure that keeps getting put on me about having kids, and soon to come, I’ll be sharing the stress of house hunting and why I am giving up on adulting.

And one of the biggest things you’ll find is my travel diaries. 

 Instead of reading my travel series posts, you’ll be able to see the videos of the experiences as they happened when I was there. You’ll get to see my initial reactions of everything that is going on.

I typically post those videos at the end of my travel series blog posts to help expand upon them, but soon, I may be only sharing a small clip of it in the post and then further sharing a full video diary of the experience only on my Youtube channel.

Also, every once and awhile, you’ll see shopping hauls and beauty tutorials. Again, I am not a Youtuber, but as a fashion blogger, I think it’s important to share what I am buying, where I am buying it, and how much I spent. As a blogger who shares that I sometimes splurge but mostly save, I want to share full disclosure on that beyond just a few shots of shopping I show on my Instagram stories.

Oh, and you may see some PR unboxings. I haven’t done any of those yet since I do most of my blogger mail post on Instagram stories, but it has peaked my interest. We will see.


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