Why I Took a Month Off From Blogging

Comfy Chic Style

Comfy Chic Style

I am sure you all have noticed that there has been a huge gap in content. I’ve been MIA from my blog, social media…and if you ask my family, even my phone. Now, I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth. I was still working and I was still able to be reached. But I did take a break from things for a variety of reasons. Though, I am not sharing all of the reasons that I took a break from, I am going to share with you one of the biggest reasons as to why I decided it was time to take a break from blogging and social media.



The biggest reason that I decided it was time to take a break is because I began realizing that I was becoming obsessed with my blog in an unhealthy way. Now, I am still obsessed with my blog as I was always because of my passion, but I had to take the time to find the good obsession and get rid of the negatives of my obsession.

I began realizing the negative things that I was doing with my blog around my birthday. After taking a look at my transaction history for my business account, I began realizing that I was spending money on services and trainings that were solely focused on growing my social media. Instead of just stepping back and realizing that I should continue on with the organic methods of growing, I began to try to find every shortcut there was no matter the price. I was actively seeking partnerships, just to pay for the services that I was using to inorganically grow my social media. And, honestly, I am not that kind of person.

Additionally, I started to realize that I wasn’t having as much fun on the experiences of my blog like I should have. Every time that I was invited to an event or planning for a trip, at the end of 2018, I wasn’t as excited as I used to be. Instead, I was thinking about how the opportunity would benefit my business and how I could turn it into a monetarily profitable experience. Now, as an influencer, there are many ways to profit from these experiences but they aren’t always monetary – nor should every single experience be. Sometimes, you go to the event or on the trip, just for the ability to experience something new and meet new people. It’s profitable in another way.

The last show of why I needed a break was when I started to treat my husband as my worker instead of my husband who is supporting me. My husband, bless his soul, is my photographer. And he has been so supportive of everything that I do with my blog. He loves it, because I love it. And his willingness to help me and support me is something that I cherish so much. But I realized that I began dictating his scheduled based off of my shoots and my partnership deadlines, and that wasn’t fair for him.

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So through it all, I decided it was time to take a break. I gave myself a vacation. After the first week of January, I put some of my posts on a schedule and told myself that I would be away from social media and my blog until the last week to give myself a break and to recenter. And now, I’m back with my original purpose of having this blog as a way to connect and share my love for fashion and luxury lifestyle.

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