Why the Hi-Lo Trend is Amazing for Petites

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Whenever I am shopping for new clothes, one of the main things that I have to focus on as a petite woman is making sure that I find items that don’t make me look shorter than I already am. Plus, I am not a huge fan of wearing dresses that drag underneath my feet or bottoms that heavily scrunch at my ankles. So when I find a hi-lo skirt or dress, I typically feel like I have to try it on right away because I know that it’s a piece that not only will show off my legs, but also add to the illusion of me looking a little taller.



There have been many tips and tricks that I have talked about when it comes to dressing as a petite. One of my main posts about how to look taller as a petite shares tips that I still rely on day-to-day when I am picking out my dress and choosing my wardrobe. As a petite, it’s all about focusing on elongating your torso and your legs to give the illusion that you look a lot taller.

With hi-lo pieces, you’re showing off your legs that could be otherwise covered if you wore a maxi dress or skirt. By showing off this leg, especially with a dress, you’re making your body look slightly longer since there is no clear definition of the “breaks” in your body. Even more, some people like to wear a belt higher up on a dress to give the illusion that your torso is higher which then makes the leg look extremely long.

So why do I love the hi-lo trend? Because every time that I wear it I look taller, I’m not tripping over the front of the dress, and I can wear the dress without having to wear heels. I mean, who wouldn’t love all of that.

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