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There’s something about traveling that just gives me this overall feeling of elation. I love visiting new places and experiencing different food and adventures that I may not be able to typically get while in my home state.

This summer was a great summer for travel. It was my first summer that I did not work full-time, which gave me a lot more time for myself. Early July, my husband and I took our first international vacation together and went to Punta Cana for our honeymoon. Then we took a few staycation trips, but then as I realized that the summer was coming to an end, I felt like I needed one more trip. And that’s how I ended up visiting Phoenix.

I’ve been to the West Coast once in my life, and that was for a work trip. So I didn’t get much of that vacation feel. My trip to Arizona from Pennsylvania was about 4 hours of excitement (but mostly sleeping), and when arriving, I did feel the heat but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying everything there is to enjoy about Phoenix.

There are so many reasons to visit Phoenix and I want to share with you all the reasons why you should. So over a span of three posts…yes, THREE, because there are so many reasons, I couldn’t fit it into one…I’m going to share with you the reasons to take a trip to Phoenix. And I’m going to share with you the best places to stay, eat, and what adventures you must go on.

But first, I want to give a huge shout out and so much credit to Visit Phoenix who helped me to put together my itinerary so I could visit and experience everything about Phoenix in the short time span that I was there. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what to do or where to go.

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W H E R E   T O   S T A Y

The first thing everyone always does when planning a trip is deciding where to stay. And honestly, Phoenix, and the surrounding metro area, are full of amazing hotels and resorts fit for a variety of personality types and vacationers. Which is why the first reason to visit Phoenix is that you go to experience the comfort and hospitality of the Phoenix area. I’ve never felt more comfortable outside of my home than at these two resorts that I was able to not only sleep but enjoy and relax in.

LeshaSaguaroHotel 41

LeshaSaguaroHotel 29

For the first couple of days during my trip, I stayed at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the Saguaro was the fashion of the entire place. Everywhere you looked there were bright, vibrant colors which is perfect for someone like me who needs “do it for the ‘gram”.

During your stay, you can enjoy so many amenities including relaxing on your own cabana by the pool with pool side service – which is only a few steps from your back door if you are on the ground floor. I literally just had to walk about the patio door and take no more than 10 steps and I was at the pool. Then after a few bites and drinks, jump in the pool and swim around on the inflatable swan that is absolutely essential for the best pool pictures. Or if you’re not much of a pool person, enjoy room service while you lay on the lounge chair outside on your patio surrounded by the beautiful flowers.

But you can’t do the pool all day! So, why not rent one of the cute bikes that the Saguaro hosts and take a late evening bike ride around. You can find everything you need within a few blocks of the hotel – food, fun, shopping…anything you want!

The hotel also hosts its own spa and restaurant (we will get to that a little later).

Saguaro Hotel Pool
The Saguaro Scottsdale
Phoenix Mariotte Tempe At The Buttes

Now, if you’re looking for a more relaxed type feel than there are two places that I highly recommend for you.

On the last few days of my trip, I had the pleasure of staying at the Phoenix Marriott Tempe at the Buttes. This resort offered the luxury and comfort I needed to settle for the last few days of my stay before I went off back home. The hotel is fairly secluded away from the main road and up on a small hill, which gives you an amazing view of Phoenix. One of my friends told me that she heard some of the athletes stay there when they are visiting because of it’s conclusion. But don’t quote me on that.

I would say that the Marriott is the perfect location for families. The expansive pool is the place to be because of how big and comfortable it is, and again, depending on what floor you are on, it’s only steps away from the back patio of your room.

The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch is another amazing place to stay. Now, I’m going to keep my insight about this location pretty short because I’m going to talk a lot more about what this resorts has in store as I continue with my reasons as to why you need to visit Phoenix. But let’s just say, this resort gives you exactly what you are looking for during your adults only stay in Phoenix.

Scottsdale Resort At Mccormick Ranch



W H E R E   T O   E A T  &  D R I N K

Now, you know this girl had to eat and drink everything while on vacation. I love tasting new flavors and the flavors of Phoenix did not disappoint. Which brings me to my next reason as to why you should visit Phoenix. There are so many restaurants to try to taste all of their specialties and, even more, check out their amazing themes and decor. I’ll explain more. Let me just start off by saying that every place I went, I typically tried the special that was happening by asking the server. I’m one on trying something new every time I go. A reason to vacation is be a little adventurous. Additionally, why would you want to try something that you can get back at home?

The Henry Phoenix

Literally, my first stop after hopping off of the plane at the Phoenix airport was the Henry. If you ever hear anyone say that they are following the arrows, they may be talking about the Henry which is a prize, award-winning eatery by Sam Fox. Now, I’m going to be fully honest here…when I received the menu, I had to ask the waitress to come back about two different times because I couldn’t make a decision on what I wanted because I literally wanted everything. At one point, I just closed my eyes and let my finger land on something and that’s how I made my decision.

The food was beyond expectations. When you go, you have to get the kale dip! I mean, people usually order spinach and artichoke dip, but the kale dip at the Henry is a game changer. It was the most addicting appetizer that I had while I was staying in Phoenix. I felt so wrong as I scarfed down my main dish and kept scooping up the dip without offering it to those who were with me. I did apologize afterwards but in the back of my mind I was like: “It’s delicious. Sorry, not sorry.”

Also, the decor was so cute. When you first walk in, you walk into a coffee shop but you can’t even really tell that it’s a coffee shop and restaurant. The Henry is designed to look like you are eating in someone’s living room. It was so cute and the chairs to sit in and wait are chairs that I thought about asking them where they found it so I can decorate my future home with it.

Saguaro Hotel Drinks

The Saguaro Restaurant

La Piazza Phoenix

Kitchen West Scottsdale Resort

Now, I told you I was going to revisit some of the resort locations and their food. So the two places that I want to come back to are the Saguaro and the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch.

First, like I mentioned a few scrolls up, the Saguaro had basically everything on the property to the point that you didn’t even have to leave to find food, relaxation, or fun. The food at the location is highly enjoyable and filling. And the margarita is to delicious. My watermelon cup was filled with margarita almost every moment I was at the resort.

Then at the Scottsdale Resort, there is this slightly hidden gem of a restaurant – Kitchen West. I’m the type of person that loves to eat, but I know my limits. So if I order an appetizer, I’m most likely not getting a dessert and vice-versa. When I looked at everything on the menu at this restaurant all bets were off. The seasonal menu includes such fresh flavors that I had a complete five course meal. From the drinks to the bread and the appetizer, main course, and then dessert. I left feeling full and then almost asked the waitress if there was any way to get a second dish to take home to eat for later. But I stopped, I contained my greedy.

Now, if you’re having an early morning and you don’t have time to grab something but want to taste the food of Phoenix, remember there is UberEats {use code eats-ieshat3 for $5 off your first to orders} which I did for breakfast on a few occasions. I could get myself ready and my food was ordered and driven to me and delivered right to my door at the hotel. (P.S. – Shout out to the Saguaro staff who knew exactly what room I was in and was able to direct the UberEats driver to my location with speed).


Now, I know you’re probably already checking flights to Phoenix for your next trip, but make sure to keep with me as I give you even more reasons and more places to eat. You know I have more food recommendations, because this girl can’t stop eating at home, so vacation definitely no different.

Next up, I’m going to share with you about my day in Mesa. Stay tuned for the next post about Mesa and then Part II about why you should stay in Phoenix.

Thank you to Visit Phoenix for sponsoring me on this trip. Thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own.

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