Winnie the Pooh Gender Reveal

Winne The Pooh Gender Reveal Second Child

As the journey continues, we are now a little bit past the halfway point of my pregnancy and I have to say I can’t wait to meet our little one. In comparison to my first pregnancy, I will say that I am experiencing completely different things and I am worrying about a whole lot less. It all comes down to the fact that it seems like my body knows what to do and I am way to used to all the symptoms. And within this journey, instead of doing a party like we had done with our Beauty and the Beast gender reveal, we decided to something a little more intimate and held a Winnie the Pooh gender reveal gathering with our family.

What many people don’t know is that during my first pregnancy, my theme throughout the pregnancy was supposed to be Winnie the Pooh instead of Beauty and the Beast. And because I was still tied to the theme, I decided to make Winnie the Pooh the theme for this entire pregnancy. So similar to how we did both the gender reveal and baby shower with a Beauty and the Beast theme, we will be doing Winnie the Pooh as both the gender reveal theme and the baby shower theme. Which is why I am super excited to share our recent Winnie the Pooh gender reveal where we shared what we will be expecting with our family, and now, we are sharing with you.

Winnie The Pooh Gender Reveal Baby 2


Unlike my previous pregnancy, we opted in for the genetic testing (NPT tests) to make sure that everything is okay with baby, and with those tests, it allowed us to find out the gender before the anatomy scan. And though I did see videos all over social media that shared people’s experiences with finding out the gender through the genetic testing to then only find out a different gender during the anatomy scan, I felt safe to share the gender with our family before we reached the 20 week mark.

To bring our Winnie the Pooh gender reveal to life, I first started by thinking of how we wanted to do the reveal. For our last reveal, we opted for a cake that we cut into ourselves, but this time I wanted to get my family a little more involved. So after seeing the trend on social media, we decided to get Winnie the Pooh cupcakes with one hiding icing inside that revealed the gender of our baby. I reached out to a local bakery that we had gone with for Carter’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party and another event- Maliki Cakes & Pastries – whose cupcakes and cakes were a hit each time we have gone with them, so it was a no brainer to return to them for this event. We gathered everyone together, and asked everyone to take one cupcake. Then it was time for each person to take a bite out of the cupcakes to see if they had the one cupcake that revealed the gender. Even though both my husband and I already knew the gender, neither one of us knew which cupcake had the gender reveal inside which made it fun for us as we anticipated who may end up with the reveal cupcake.

In combination with our cupcakes, I went very simple with the decorations and invitations. We used Winnie the Pooh virtual invitations that we will then turn into print invitations for the baby shower, a Winnie the Pooh plush toy as table decoration, and we also got a Winnie the Pooh onesie to confirm the baby’s gender after it was revealed with the cupcakes. And now that it is all said and done, we are excited to reveal that

It’s a Boy!

Everything turned out so well and we had such a fun time with our family for this Winnie the Pooh gender reveal and are looking forward with continuing this journey, sharing our Winnie the Pooh baby shower later this summer, and then sharing our journey further as we add another little man to our family.

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