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Date Night

My husband and I have found new importance in date night since having our son. After the first month, after he was born, we began going on monthly date nights so that we can keep growing in our marriage and not just be defined as parents. But as soon as the temperature dropped, I began thinking about putting our date nights on hold. If you know me, I love the Fall but when it gets super cold and the winter comes, I became a recluse. But my husband convinced me that we have to keep the date nights going or we may get to a point where we can pick it up again. I agreed and that’s when I started shuffling through my closet to put together some looks that would make me feel warm and comfortable during the cold-weather season, and I want to share with you some tips and suggestions for putting together a cute and comfortable date night outfit.

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My first piece of advice when putting together a winter date night outfit is to start with the coat. If you have a great coat then you don’t have to limit yourself to what activities you can do on date night. There have been some places that my husband and I have been eyeing up that include being outside around a fire pit enjoying some cocktails and tapas. Even if you’re planning on staying indoors, you still need that coat to put on to keep you snug and warm while you travel from one place to the other.

Another piece of advice is that you don’t have to be afraid to wear a dress. Dresses are not just for the warmer months. If that were the case, you wouldn’t see long-sleeved dresses or sweater dresses. You can wear dresses during the cold weather season and they are actually my favorite pieces to style for my winter date night look. With a dress, you can layer tights or leggings underneath, if you’re looking for an extra layer, or you can go without and use your boots to cover up the majority of the leg.

Which leads me to my next part of the look. You can go with a lot of differing closed-toe shoes. Typically, when I wear jeans, I’ll go with pumps or booties. But when I wear dresses, I like to go with my over the knee boots or thigh-high boots.

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