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As a person who works primarily from home, I will say that a great amount of my wardrobe is loungewear. Of course I have quite collection of other outfits for the Winter season such as chic date night outfits and preppy Winter looks. But when it comes to loungewear, I not only like to have cute and comfy loungewear and loungewear that is great for running errands, but also cozy Winter loungewear that is great for staying indoors and keeping comfortable as I work.

As a full-time influencer who also works another full time job, it is highly important that I am comfortable during the day. And with living in the northeast, it is also very important that I am warm and comfortable during the Winter too. My whole day could go completely wrong if I am not cozy, so having a collection of cozy winter loungewear is super important.

When it comes to cozy winter loungewear, there are so many pieces that can make a huge difference in how your day goes and how comfortable you are. From dozy faux fur slippers that you can wear while sitting at your desk all the way to knit pullovers that make you feel like you are wearing a literal blanket, there are so many options to add to your wardrobe to keep you comfortable this Winter season.

So with my love for everything comfy and my deep love and need for cozy Winter loungewear, I’ve rounded up a great collection of loungewear that you can add to your closet this season and seasons to come from some of the top stores to shop that are all at amazing prices.

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Cozy Loungewear Styles YOU NEED THIS WINTER

There are tons of styles and pieces of loungewear out there that you can style this Winter. And you make be looking online trying to figure out what pieces are worth it and what pieces are truly comfy. I mean, let’s face it, there are some loungewear pieces out there that are actually not as comfortable as they seem to look when you find them online. Though I am a fan of a bodysuit, it is not one of my favorite loungewear pieces especially if I am working from home and sipping on tea or coffee throughout the day. So to pair with this round up of loungewear pieces that you can shop below, I’m also sharing a list of great loungewear styles for you to put on your shopping list this Winter.

    Joggers are one of those items that are trending and when it comes to winter loungewear, they are a must have for your closet. One thing that I love about joggers is they are loose in the leg but cinch at your ankles and waistline so that you don’t have to worry about dragging but you still have that loose feel on your legs.
    You can’t go wrong with having a pair of fuzzy socks. If you’re like me, and you’re not someone who always wants to slip on a pair of slippers every day, then fuzzy socks are a great go-to. I love how there are so many prints for fuzzy socks and how they still don’t feel to bulky when you need to slip on your shoes to run out of the house for a few minutes.
    Leggings are one pieces that you’ll see everywhere and not only are they cozy but they are easy to also style with other pieces to create looks that take you beyond staying in the house. Recently, many brands have been creating stirrup style leggings so that you can put socks over and also layer them under thicker pieces in the case that you decided to head out into the snow.
    Sweater pants are a new style that emerged recently and they are as comfy as they sound. I can’t say how many times I put on a sweater and wished that I had pants that felt the same as the cozy sweater that I put on. Well, now there are pants that are just as cozy as your sweater so that you feel warm and comfortable.
    The Henley top is a must-have when it comes to winter loungewear. Whether you have one in crewneck or boyfriend style, the tops are great for layering and also great for hanging around the house. I typically aim for the boyfriend style because I can put on a tank underneath and then throw on the looser top over it and feel like I am wearing one of my husband’s shirt (which I often like to wear because his are so comfortable ), but one that actually fits me.
    The crew tee is also another great top to have because it is cozy, loose, and usually a littler longer so that you can style it over leggings to create a completely comfortable winter loungewear look. I not only have crew tees for the winter but also have a collection of them for the warmer seasons at they are great for wearing as crop tops and for styling underneath other pieces as a base layer.
    If you’re not one for socks than Sherpa slippers are for you. With these slippers, you’ll feel like you’re putting your foot inside of a blanket and wearing it around all day. There ae so many styles for the Sherpa slipper so that you can either have them feel like socks, sandals, or regular slip on slippers.

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You may also be asking yourself this question – “Where do I go to shop Winter loungewear?” And that, honestly, is a great question. It took me some time to actually pinpoint brands where I would begin my search for comfy Winter loungewear. With so many brands being online now, you are taking a risk when ordering something because you don’t fully know where it’ll arrive and actually be super comfortable. Even if you are shopping in store, you aren’t always picking up loungewear and taking it to the fitting room to try it on, so it is a gamble either way. To help alleviate some of the search and the risk, I’m providing a list of brands and places to shop for Winter loungewear.

    When I was first introduced Summersalt, it was a brand that I went to for swimwear and their swimwear is absolutely comfortable so if they can make that comfy than you know their loungewear is. I have a few of their joggers and sweatshirts and they feel super comfortable to wear, and even more they are inclusive in sizing and also cute in style.
    Abercrombie has come a long way with their styles. They no longer have that teenage look to them and are actually quite modern and sophisticated. The majority of my loungewear is from Abercrombie because I adore the style and have never been let down by the coziness of their pieces.
    When I first had my son, there were onesies and sleep sacks that I bought for my son that he loved wearing and they were from Kyte Baby. The reason why I kept buying tops and onesies for him from Kyte Baby is because the fabric was buttery soft and great for his eczema prone skin. It soon got to a point that I began to get jealous of his tops because they were more comfortable than mine. Then I found out that Kyte Baby has adult loungewear items so I grabbed myself a few and I found myself in heaven.
    I am an avid shopper of Revolve. A good amount of my clothes are from shopping Revolve because I love the brands they house and all the items that they sell. Now, their prices can be a little up there but the quality and the style of the clothes match. If you search through some of the top brands, you’ll find a collection of stylish and cozy winter loungewear pieces that you won’t regret purchasing.
    Of course, if you are just wanting to search for winter loungewear, you can always rely on Amazon to find pieces at great prices. Now, I will say that Amazon is one of the last places that I go to when searching for loungewear when it comes to this list because you don’t always know what you’re getting. But if you keep to the one main rule of shopping Amazon and read the reviews then you’ll most likely end up with a loungewear pieces that you’ll love.
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