Comfy & Cute Loungewear for the Winter

Comfy Winter Loungewear

We’ve all been stocking up on loungewear for quite some time. For me, every time I go shopping, whether online or in-store, I end up with a mix of loungewear and “regular” clothes with loungewear being the bulk of my buy. One great that has been happening lately when it comes to loungewear – there have been many more styles coming out compared to what has been released in past years. It is most likely due to loungewear being in more demand than jeans, workwear, and outerwear, but whatever the reason, I am so happy to see all of the various styles of winter loungewear fit for the winter season.

Each and every year winter comes and rears is chilly head and we all tend to try to stay inside and begin doing a lot of online shopping. But even as we are inside, we like to stay comfortable and functional and that’s where winter loungewear sets coming. Winter loungewear is a winter wardrobe essential that everyone has in their closet in some manner or another. It’s not just something that women get, but it’s for the men and the children and it’s clothing that makes us super happy with how comfortable it is.

Even if we are putting on dresses or office outfits to head out to work, when we come home, many of us strip out of those clothes and slip right into our loungewear to enjoy catching up on our Netflix shows or movies while sipping on something warm before calling it a night.

I’m a huge sucker for winter loungewear and I’ve found the best ways to shop for loungewear during the season while still sticking on a budget and I’m s sharing those tips below.

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Comfy Winter Loungewear


As we all know, loungewear is all about staying comfortable. This past year, the need to be comfortable at home has been taken to a new level. We all want to be comfortable enough to balance winter loungewear, keeping children entertained (if you have any), and keeping the house clean since it seems to be getting a little dirtier because you are home more often than not.

If you’re working from home like me, your comfort also has to have some essence of “dressing up” to it. My colleagues and the other individuals who I come in contact with on a daily basis, all already have this expectation that none of us are going to get onto a video call with a suit and a tie, but there is still this unsaid understanding that it is unacceptable to get on looking as if you just rolled out of the bed.

With that in mind, for the season, I have been stocking up on cute and comfy winter loungewear sets and individual pieces that are acceptable for hanging around at home, getting on work video calls, and being able to walk out and make a Target run if need be and feel confident in the way that I look. It hasn’t been hard to find winter loungewear sets that are at-home work appropriate and still super comfortable because there are so many styles hitting the shelves. As always, it’s just finding the look that fits your personal style. Because even on a video call, you can make an impression while your on mute with whatever you may be wearing.


Shopping for winter loungewear can be super fun especially because you know that when you are finished shopping, you get to wear the comfortable clothing and chill out wherever you’re planning to chill at. When it comes to shopping for winter loungewear, you want to make sure that your shopping for the pieces that fit your everyday and ones that you found super comfortable. For me, I love giving winter loungewear as a holiday gift because who doesn’t live getting a cozy winter gift. Even more, gift a loungewear set to yourself because why not, right? But whether you’re shopping for someone else or shopping for yourself, there are some key tips to consider when shopping for winter loungewear.

    Winter loungewear sets comes in a variety of different fabrics and one of the most common that you’ll find with winter lounge outfits is cotton blends which are super great because they are absorbent. I tend to lean on cotton loungewear sets because at times, even when it’s cold, I tend to get a little sweaty, and the fabric pulls the moisture away without leaving that wet feeling. Plus, the fabric is just super comfy.
    You’ll often find that loungewear is often sold in sets especially around the winter time, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stick with just buying winter loungewear in sets. I have often found that when I shop for loungewear that I can put together great loungewear looks with pieces that aren’t in sets, and better yet, many of the individual pieces that I find are typically on sale when the sets are not. So don’t be afraid to buy your pants separate from your top because you may find that one price is lower than the other.
    Consider what you do each day. For example, if you’re someone that works from home and just want to buy winter loungewear to be at home and feel comfortable, consider ones that are a little more loose so that you don’t feel constrained throughout the day. Additionally, if you’re someone that is a little more active through the day, you may want to make sure that you have loungewear the breathes and allows you to move around freely and easily.
    Winter loungewear doesn’t just mean that you get sweatpants and sweatshirts, it just means that you find comfortable pieces that make it super comfy for you to lounge around and feel like you don’t have a care in the world. I always recommend layering especially if you have loungewear that is a little looser. In some cases, you can layer shorts underneath some baggy sweatpants, but, for the most part, you’re layering will go under your top. I love creating a cute layered winter loungewear look with a cropped, lightweight, long sleeved top and a cropped hoodie with some some high waisted sweatpants.
    Loungewear is typically more expensive right in the middle of the Fall all the way through the beginning of Winter. Though you’ll find that you can grab a lot of great loungewear at a great price during Black Friday, I recommend that if you’re looking to stock up on loungewear prior to it getting cold to start stocking up right after mid Summer. Most stores, if they are still carrying any stock of loungewear, will be looking to get rid of those pieces in order to get ready for the new stock of loungewear. And let’s face it, loungewear looks like loungewear every year. Though you’ll feel a little weird buying long sleeves and pants when it’s still hot outside, it’ll work out better for your budget in the long run.
    Some loungewear can also double as pajamas, and if you’ve seen any fashion trends during the winter, you’ve probably seen that wearing pajama like clothing out has become a very hot trend. There are even pajamas tops that people wear to work as a fashion statement underneath a professional blazer. So don’t think that you need to stock up on pajamas and loungewear. Instead get both, use a layering technique and stay comfy all of the way into the nighttime.
    If you find a loungewear set that you absolutely love but it’s outside of your price point because it’s by a higher end brand, search the description of the style on the web to see if you can find something super similar to it with another brand. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have found loungewear pieces that I loved outside of my price point, but then searched the description on Amazon and found it for less than a third of the price.

Now that you have some shopping tips for finding the winter loungewear sets that you can wear throughout the colder months, it’s time to head out shopping. One brand that I love shopping loungewear is Revolve. They typically have great lounge pants and sweaters that fit right with any personal style and you can find pieces that match the price point that matches your budget. Additionally, they offer great discounts at various times along with free delivery when you spend a certain amount. So now that you’re ready to shop for those loungewear pieces to keep you warm, check out some of these great soft pieces below that I have rounded up and add them to your loungewear collection.

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