Comfy & Cute Loungewear for the Winter

livinglesh comfy winter loungewear

livinglesh comfy winter loungewear

We’ve all been stocking up on loungewear for quite some time. For me, every time I go shopping, whether online or in-store, I end up with a mix of loungewear and “regular” clothes with loungewear being the bulk of my buy. One great that has been happening lately when it comes to loungewear – there have been many more styles coming out compared to what has been released in past years. It is most likely due to loungewear being in more demand than jeans, workwear, and outerwear, but whatever the reason, I am so happy to see all of the various styles of loungewear fit for the winter season.


livinglesh maja cropped hoodie

As we all know, loungewear is all about staying comfortable. This past year, the need to be comfortable at home has been taken to a new level. We all want to be comfortable enough to balance winter loungewear, keeping children entertained (if you have any), and keeping the house clean since it seems to be getting a little dirtier because you are home more often than not.

If you’re working from home like me, your comfort also has to have some essence of “dressing up” to it. My colleagues and the other individuals who I come in contact with on a daily basis, all already have this expectation that none of us are going to get onto a video call with a suit and a tie, but there is still this unsaid understanding that it is unacceptable to get on looking as if you just rolled out of the bed.

With that in mind, for the season, I have been stocking up on cute and comfy winter loungewear sets and individual pieces that are acceptable for hanging around at home, getting on work video calls, and being able to walk out and make a Target run if need be and feel confident in the way that I look. It hasn’t been hard to find winter loungewear sets that are at-home work appropriate and still super comfortable because there are so many styles hitting the shelves. As always, it’s just finding the look that fits your personal style. Because even on a video call, you can make an impression while your on mute with whatever you may be wearing.

livinglesh revolve cropped hoodie
livinglesh lovers and friends loungewear set
livinglesh winter loungewear
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