How to Style Winter Skirts for Women

Winter Skirt

If you’re anything like me, you may be a person who just loves skirts, but tends to tuck them away at the end of the Summer and with them farewell as you start counting the amount of months that you have to wait until you can wear them again. And if you’re even more like me, you may have just bought those skirts because they were on sale at the end of the season and they are in a style that will still be trending the next year not thinking that they could be winter skirts for women.

Every year, when I switched out my closet from warm weather clothes to cold weather clothes, I would immediately pack up all my dresses and my skirts. In my mind, the cold weather seasons were strictly for jeans, pants, and leggings. And if anything else was worn, I would freeze and be super uncomfortable. Though Winter comes right after Fall and you would think that I would have adjusted to the cold and already have an established closet to keep me warm, there were times where there were pieces that I didn’t want to sacrifice and kept trying to wear them with no clue on how to style them over the Winter.

Over the years, I learned otherwise and have actually gotten to a point where I keep my dresses and skirts in my closet year-round. And I have shared many tips on wearing dresses in the fall and winter, but what I haven’t shared is how you can style a skirt during the winter. It’s not as hard as you may think to style a skirt during the Winter, it just takes a few key style tips and a few essential Winter wardrobe essentials to make it work. So in this post, I’ll be sharing how to style winter skirts for women that will keep you warm and comfortable and looking absolutely chic.

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There are two main style hacks that I have used throughout the past few years. One tip, I will openly admit, I just learned last year. There are a variety of other ways that I have seen people keep warm and style a skirt in the winter, but I feel as these main two are the best ones to go with and will let you style a skirt without too much effort.

  • Wear Over the Knee Boots
    This is the easiest, simplest, and probably one of the most-done style that is used to wear a skirt during the winter. With so many over the knee boot styles available, it’s very easy to grab a few pairs in a variety of styles to match the colors of skirts that you have in your closet. I always say go with at least a pair of black over the knee boots and a pair of tan over the knee boots then expand as you need to.
  • Create the Bare Leg Illusion
    With this style trick, you’ll be styling skirts all winter long because it literally is the most genius style hack that I have ever found. You’re going to need a pair of skin tone leggings and a pair of pantyhose. Put on your flesh tone leggings then layer over it with the pantyhose – add your skirt and style with a bootie or boot. With the skin tone leggings and the pantyhose, you’ll create an illusion that you’re able to go bare leg in the winter even though you’re not. The pantyhose covers up the leggings just enough to make it look as if it is actually your legs.
  • Try Different Lengths and Styles
    There are so many styles of winter skirts for women that you can style through the winter months. You can go with a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, and you can also go with a mini skirt. It all just comes down to your comfort and the occasion. I always recommend that if you’re going to an event that is primarily outside to lean more towards wearing a maxi skirt in order to get the extra coverage.
  • Wear Thicker Fabrics
    Cotton skirts and wool skirts are the name of the game when it comes to winter skirts. These fabrics are what you’ll find while shopping for any skirt such as a pencil skirt or pleated skirt during the winter.
  • Match Patterns
    You’ve probably noticed but the plaid skirt is a winter skirt staple and it’s not going anywhere. But the great thing about styling plaid skirts is that the plaid patterns are also found in many shackets and coats. With that, you can match your skirt with your jacket to create a coordinated look.
  • Go Comfy with the Waistline
    During the holiday season when you’re heading out for a variety of gatherings, make sure to stay comfy with how your skirt sits on your waist. I always suggest to go with a skirt with an elastic waist, especially if you’re going to an event or outing where you’ll be eating. You’ll be able to feel comfortable be able to indulge without getting to the point where you feel like you need to let your skirt unzip a little to give you a little breathing room.

These tips will have you styling your skirts throughout the winter season and extending your closet so that you don’t have to feel that you need to stock up on pants during the cold weather seasons. Instead, stock up on those skirts when they go on sale and you start to see signs for free delivery and 75% off at the end of the summer with the plan to wear them during the colder weather months, because now you have the essential style tips to be able to style them even though it’s cold outside. As a person who loves wearing dresses and skirts, these skirt outfit style tips have allowed me to keep to my signature style and not have to be stuck in jeans and pants every single day.

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As you are heading out to the stores to build up your winter wardrobe with that sweater that you’ve been eying or waiting in line to buy some amazing outwear to keep you warm, don’t avoid shopping for winter skirts. Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean that skirts need to drop completely out of your closet until it begins getting warmer again. Instead, use these style tips and pick out some of the best winter skirts for women similar to the ones that I have picked out as inspiration below.

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