Winter Styles That Transition to Spring

Boohoo Winter Styles That Transition To Spring

Spring Outfit

It’s been a crazy start to the spring season. Just thinking about this past week, we’ve gone from being in the lower 50s to jumping all the way up to the 80s. There are days that I go to work and everyone is wearing t-shirts and I’m sitting at my desk in a sweater. It’s just so much to keep up with. Last week, my closet looked like it had exploded because I had not made the move to transition over my closet yet because I had come to the conclusion that the cold had not yet left. But this past weekend, I made the change and established a closet that allowed me to bring some of the winter styles into the spring, and today, I wanted to share some of that with you.

By bringing winter trends into the spring, you’ll not only feel comfortable and keep that much-needed warmth on the days when the sun just doesn’t want to shine, you’ll also maintain on-trend elements with your looks. Many fashion-forward individuals are bringing the winter styles into the spring. I have been seeing it all over Instagram.

The first way to bring winter trends into your spring style is to maintain color. Often times, our closet changes from the dark, muted hues to bright, vibrant hues that match the feel of the season. But many people now are choosing to keep those darker tones present into the spring. Those neutral tones will pair well with the pastel pieces that you may have in your spring wardrobes, and those darker hues will create the ultimate contrast when pairing them with the more vibrant colors.

The second way is to keep those jackets, cardigans and blazers out to pair them with lighter looks. Often times, because it is not completely warm yet, I’ll pair a dress with a jacket or blazer in order to keep myself comfortable and not show off too much skin. This also is a great trick with workwear, because just because it is warm outside doesn’t mean that it is actually warm in your workplace. Additionally, if you are going out for happy hour with friends right after, you can transition your outfit from workwear to an “out with friends” look by just removing one piece and adding a few accessories.

Make sure to check out the end of this post to find some amazing winter to spring trendy pieces. They’ll be great additives to your wardrobe and you’ll want to make sure to grab them before they are gone!



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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