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During the holiday season, almost each and every workplace has some type of holiday work party. Even as a teacher, we have holiday parties right before we leave for holiday break. This year, since I’m on leave, I’ll be missing it, but I am sure that it is going to be as great as it always is every year. For me, when I used to dress for the holiday parties, I would dress like it was any other day. Just a casual, comfy teaching outfit so that I can end off the year with my classes in a calm non-stressful manner. And the more comfy I was, the more cheerful I was on that final day. But as I move forward each year, the plan is to kick it up a notch. I still want to remain comfy, professional, but I want to bring in a little of the festive color of the season.

Now that we have talked about wearing outfits that are perfect for hosting your own holiday party, let’s talk about those holiday parties that you’ll have during the weekday when you have to head into work.

When putting together your holiday work party outfit, you don’t have to break out the ugly Christmas sweater or wear things that are over festive. If that is your style, go for it. I am all for seeing everyone show their holiday spirit through their style. But if you’re a little more like me and don’t want to be too obvious about your excitement for the holiday season, you can play it down while still showing the holiday outfit.

Try just adding in one of the holiday colors to your holiday work party outfit. Whether it’s green or red, you can style a look that his holiday work party ready. And don’t think that it has to be bright red or green. I have already seen a beautiful green dress that can be paired with a cardigan that I also think would be perfect for a holiday work party outfit. For this outfit, I just paired a classic red sweater with a comfy pair of work pants. Though I am wearing heels in this outfit, which would be perfect if I sat all day, I would typically wear a pair of flats for our holiday work party at the school. In this outfit, I have at toned down festive look that would blend into any holiday work party without being too obvious. But again, if you’re feeling super festive, then go for it!

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