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This has definitely been the summer of wrap dresses. Everywhere you look there is someone wearing a wrap dress, a store selling a wrap dress, or someone just talking about the wrap dress that they wore the other day. But the great thing about all of these dresses is that they are found in so many different styles, colors, and prints. The styles are created if fit everyone’s personal style and are made for all types of occasions.



I wore a number of different wrap dresses this summer and each one felt like it was a different type of style. There were a couple that I snagged from Macy’s this summer and even one that I wore on my recent trip to the Bahamas that I snagged from Revolve that I am still obsessing over.

Now, as summer is ending, I am not planning on giving up my wrap dresses. The great thing is that many stores are starting to put more wrap dresses on the racks that are not outfitted with long-sleeves and thicker materials so that you can wear them into the cold weather season.

With this wrap dress that I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I am planning on wearing this through the rest of the summer as I head back into work.

The school year will be starting soon and this dress is quite fitting for my time in the classroom. It’s comfortable and that is a big thing with wrap dresses. They are super comfortable and at any time if they become uncomfortable, you can make a slight adjustment to the tie to make it comfortable for you.

I’ll be wearing wrap dresses for the rest of the summer as well as all the way into the colder months of the year and I ain’t ashamed of it!

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