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Farmhouse Wylder Windham

Every once and while, we all need a little break from all of the hustle and bustle of everyday. And if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for getaways that you can head to that are within driving distance so you don’t have to worry about booking that flight when you need that getaway right away. For me as someone living in the Philadelphia area, Wylder Windham in Catskill, New York is the exact place that has been added to the top of my list for a great getaway that I can head to without worrying about that plane ticket.

Wylder Windham is nestled in Windham in the Northern Catskills and is a hotel that has been named one of the top hotels in New York. With a large property surrounded by a small creek (or kill), it’s a tranquil hotel that is great for families, friends, and couples to getaway and have one place to stay to relax, unwind, have some great food and cocktails, and just turn off the outside world. In this post, I’m going to share with you my experience staying at Wylder Windham with my son and Greta and Megan from the Babes That Wander.

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Wylder Windham is a part of the Wylder Hotels that also has hotels in Hope Valley and Tighlman Island. Before it was Wylder Hotel Windham in NY, it was Thompson House Resort which was a family owned and operated resort that was established in the 19th century and successfully ran for over 140 years before becoming a part of the Wylder group. When it became a part of the property group, Wylder kept the historical buildings and restored them – leaving the spirit of the original buildings within the walls of this majestic hotel in the mountain area of the Catskills.

Getting To Wylder Windham
Philly To Catskills


If you’re in the tri-state area and you’re looking to get to one of the best hotels in Windham, getting to Wylder Windham is quite easy. From Philadelphia, it’s a three to four hour scenic drive that is easy to take if you don’t drive during rush hour. But if you’re not within a drivable radius, you can easily fly into some of the nearby airports such as Albany which is about 41 miles away from Catskills, so you’ll still need to either rent a car to get there. Greta and Megan, who are both on the East Coast, flew up to Philadelphia where I was able to pick them up and hit the road.

Wylder Windham Farmhouse
New York Wylder Windham
Wylder Windham New York
Farmhouse Wylder Windham
Farmhouse At Wylder Windham


Wylder Windham is a large property and has plenty of places to stay which often had me calling this hotel the Wylder Windham Resort. There are multiple buildings on property with various sizes of rooms for families and friends to stay together and/or near each other during their stay in the Catskills. The great thing about staying at Wylder Windham is that no matter where you stay on property, you’ll have an amazing view. Depending on your room, you could find yourself with a large balcony or patio to sit out and sip coffee or tea in the morning and wine at night. But I will tell you that no matter where you stay, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a room filled with magical luxury that you can’t find anywhere else.


For our stay, we stayed in the Farmhouse, which is the only building on property that is rented out in it’s entirety. The Farmhouse is a four bedroom, three bathroom home outfitted with a large living room, dining room, dinette area, stocked kitchen, and laundry room. We were super excited to be staying here and being able to stay together in the Farmhouse because of how quaint and together it was. It’s a perfect house for families coming to stay together or even for groups like our that come to celebrate or getaway and don’t often want to be separated by different rooms.

During the stay, I had the pleasure of staying in the master suite, which only meant that it was the bedroom that had the walk-in closet and attached bathroom. Each room of the four bedrooms all have king sized beds that are super comfortable. With a family like mine that often likes to travel together, this is definitely a place I’ll be bringing them back to since it would be able to fit us all and give us the option to sit and dine together without the need to leave the house.

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  • Wylder Windham Farmhouse Living Room
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  • Wylder Windham Bakery


At Wylder Windham, you’ll find two great dining options for your stay, which was great for us since we dont’ often like to get in the car and wander around to find different places to eat. We enjoy being on property and staying on property during a getaway, unless we really get the urge to leave. But at Wylder Windham, if you’re looking for something to eat, you don’t have to wander further then over to the main lodge.

Babblers Restaurant Wylder Windham
Wylder Windham Babblers
Babblers Bakery Wylder Windham
Wylder Windham Babblers Bakery

Open for breakfast and lunch, Babbler’s Bakery offers up treats, great drinks, and delicious lunch options from 7am to 4pm. Each day, we would get up and one of us would walk over to Babbler’s Bakery to grab everyone coffee and a breakfast treat so that we could get the day started off right. Then around midday, after we had worked up an appetite, we would get back to Babbler’s Bakery for their delicious lunch options and a sweet treat. During our stay, they had just started offering homemade pistachio ice cream and had been featuring some great lemonades that I couldn’t get enough of. If you visit during the warmer months, I highly recommend getting your breakfast and lunch and sitting out on the deck.

Wylder Windham Babblers Catskill
Babblers Restaurant
Babblers Cocktails

In the evenings as the bakery closes, Babbler’s Restaurant and Bar opens and starts serving amazing craft cocktails and food that you’ll ask for again and again for dinner. With us staying on property and not having the urge to leave, we found ourselves at Babbler’s Restaurant each night tasting a different item off the menu and a different cocktail to pair with the meal. The hardest thing for us at the restaurant was deciding which item to pick because each plate sounded and looked so good.

THINGS TO DO AT Wylder Windham

Though, if you have access to a car, you can wander off property and find things to do, there are also plenty of fun things to on property that can fill your entire day. For our stay, we never felt to the need to head off of the hotel property since we filled our days taking part in some of the day’s activities, spending time in the recreation room in the main lodge playing games, and taking advantage of the outdoor games and amenities that were offered around the hotel lands.

Wylder Windham Sauna

the saunas

Around the property of Wylder Windham, you’ll find these quaint, wooden saunas that are available to reserve and use during your stay. All you have to do is head to the front desk and reserve a time that you’d like to head into one of the saunas. There is one located right across the street from the Farmhouse and another located near the kill a little off from the pickleball courts. Once reserved, the team will come and set up the sauna to get it warmed for you prior to you getting there. So all you have to do it show up in your bathing suit and take advantage of some relaxation time in the sauna.

Heated Pool Wylder Windham
  • Wyldwer Windham Pool Party
  • Pool Party Wylder Windham
  • Wylder Windham Heated Pool
  • Wylder Windham Pool
  • Pool Wyldwer Windham

Right next to the main lodge, you’ll find the pool. Heated to 82 degrees all year around, this pool is one that you can also get in during the colder months if you want to take a quick dip. Though we went during the early summer, and it was warm outside, the pool was great to get in since it wasn’t extremely cold where you felt like you were going from one extreme to another. And depending on what day you decide to visit, you may find yourself attending Wylder Windham’s pool party where you can lounge out by the pool, enjoy some cocktails that you can order from the main bar, and listen to a live DJ that plays great music while you swim around or just bask in the sun.

Cocktails At Wylder Windham

mixology class

We had the priveledge of also booking at mixology class with the lead bartender who taught us about how to make a great margarita and also taught us how to make some of the craft cocktails that they make at Babbler’s Restaurant. This hand on mixology class was super fun and I felt like I learned a few extra tricks that I hadn’t learned before.

Pickleball Wylder Windham
Wylder Windham Pickleball

If you’re up for some outdoor fun, look no further then heading to the pickleball courts. These courts are first-come-first-serve, but super easy to get on since all you have to do is head to the front desk and ask to use the pickleball court and they’ll set you up with the rackets and the balls to go down and have some fun. We spent a little while out there trying out pickleball since it was the first time for a lot of us, but we had tons of fun and probably could have spent more time out there if the little man didn’t need to take his nap.

Wylder Windham Smores

s’mores and cocktails

For late nights when you want to hang out by the campfire, you can ask for a s’mores kit and for the fire pits right outside Babbler’s Restaurant to be lit and you’re all set for evening s’mores. And if you’re looking for a little more, get yourself a little cocktail and sit outside while enjoying your s’more and the fire pit for a relaxing evening.

Hotel Wylder Windham Catskill




This stay was offered to us courtesy of Wylder Windham. All thoughts and opinions or my own.

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