Floral Yellow Co Ord Set for a Spring Wedding Guest Look

Wedding Guest Yellow Co Ord Set

Springtime means that love is in the air, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning out your wedding guest looks for the season. This yellow co ord set is one of my favorite new outfits that I’ve found, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

Spring wedding guest looks are some of my favorites to put together as there are so many fun options. All of the light floral and pastel options are so lovely, and there have been so many great finds this season.

I’m a huge fan of coordinating sets for weddings, and this floral yellow set is the perfect combination of fun and elegant. I think that the yellow is such a great color for the season – I love the bright, bold pop that it gives.

If you’re trying to plan out your wedding guest looks for the season, I would definitely encourage you to look into choosing some fantastic co ord sets. Unsure how to style one? Read on for all of my favorite tips and tricks as I styled this yellow co ord set!

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Spring Yellow Co Ord Set



There’s nothing like spring to get the wedding invites rolling in – and understandably so. Spring is the perfect season for weddings as the weather is so fresh and bright and the colors and new life are perfect for the romance of a wedding. As the wedding invites roll in, it’s time to begin planning out your different wedding guest outfits, and I have found myself over and over again gravitating towards coordinating sets.

If you ask me, two piece sets are the perfect outfit for a spring wedding guest. I love that they are a little trendier and more elevated than a standard dress while still maintaining the classic lines and look of a dress. Whether you’re going for a crop top with a mini skirt, midi skirt, or maxi skirt, there is a co ord set for any look that you’re going for.

I also love to shop for matching sets because they are so much more stress-free than standard two piece outfits that you put together on your own. You don’t have to worry about making sure that things match perfectly or that you like the cut of two pieces together – they were made to go together, so you can ensure a seamless look without having to think twice about it. Especially when I have a lot of events coming up together back to back, it is such a time saver to know that my outfit is ready to go and will look great.

Two piece sets are also fantastic because they look so cohesive and put together. They add a different flair than dresses do, but because they are intended to go together, they give an effortlessly cohesive look that makes them perfect for an elegant wedding look. You can find more casual co ord sets for more toned down weddings, or can find more refined, upscale looks as well for a more black tie event.

I love this yellow co ord set because it is a great middle point. It isn’t too dressy, but it’s definitely a step up from many wedding looks. I love the bright yellow color, and the floral print is fun and seasonal. The lines of this two piece set are just beautiful, and are incredibly flattering as well. I love the high neckline on this crop top, and think it looks incredibly elegant with the maxi skirt. This set is definitely one of my favorite finds of the spring season!

Wedding Guest Yellow Co Ord Set
Yellow Co Ord Set Revolve
Revolve Yellow Co Ord Set


When I am stumped as to what to wear to a wedding in the spring, I always find myself coming back to floral prints. I know, I know – in the words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” But florals are a springtime staple for a reason – they’re a classic, and the perfect look for the season.

Floral printed pieces are one of my favorite wedding outfit choices because you can find such a variety of options. You can wear florals to wedding after wedding and have a completely different look each time because there are so many different types of floral prints on the market. There are large and small floral prints, prints that are heavily condensed and prints that are dainty and sparse. You can find floral pieces in literally any color, which makes for a great quantity of options. Trust me – think of your favorite flower, and there is without a doubt a floral print piece in that flower just waiting to be added to your wardrobe.

I love florals for their versatility. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down based on the event, which means that no matter the setting of your upcoming wedding, you can style a floral outfit.

When styling a floral dress or two piece set, it’s all about choosing the perfect accessories and shoes to compliment your outfit. If you’re trying to dress your look down, you might pair your floral outfit with a flat leather sandal, whereas if you’re going for a more formal look, you would want to wear your favorite pair of heels. You want to be sure to pick the perfect jewelry as well. For this yellow co ord set, I decided to wear silver accent jewelry for a classic look, but you could also wear gold instead. Florals also give the option of wearing fun colored jewelry. In recent years, we’ve seen large, colorful jewelry begin to get its moment – the clay earring trend, anyone? – and floral pieces can provide the perfect occasion to wear something with a more playful touch.

Add a purse or handbag, and you are good to go! Once we move towards the warmer summer months, you might also consider adding a sun hat to your wedding guest ensemble if the event is taking place outdoors during the day. The summer sun can be scorching, and sun hats are a great way to protect your skin while still looking stylish. Remember, you don’t want to get burnt!


When planning out your wedding looks for the spring wedding season, you may find yourself wondering which colors you should gravitate towards this year. Obviously, you already know the main factors to consider. Wearing white is obviously a no-go, and many people say you should try to steer away from red as well. Additionally, if you know what color the bridal party will be wearing, it would be respectful to try to avoid wearing that color as well. But with those factors out of the way, what colors should you think about wearing to upcoming weddings this spring?

There are three main colors trending for this year’s spring wedding guest attire. First up is pink – an elegant, feminine classic that’s perfect amidst everything coming back into bloom. If you’re feeling bold, you might find yourself gravitating towards more of a hot pink shade, while if you want to go more understated, light pink or blush tones will be best.

Next up on the spring wedding guest color roster is green. Green is another fantastic pick for spring weddings as it mirrors the environment and will look great in photos, especially if you’re attending an outdoor wedding. Mossy greens are super trendy right now, but you can find fun options all over the color spectrum. From light greens to darker forest greens, you can find gorgeous co ord sets in all colors!

Last but not least is – you guessed it – yellow. I think that yellow is a great pick for spring weddings as it is bright, warm, and inviting. Weddings are all about joy and celebration, and yellow is a fantastic reflection of that happiness. It’s bright, sunny, and seasonal, and will transition into the warmer months of summer seamlessly, so if you want to rewear one of your spring wedding guest outfits to an upcoming summer wedding….hey, I promise that I won’t tell anyone.

Floral Yellow Co Ord Set
Yellow Co Ord Set
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