A Luminous Lip Look for Date Night with Clarins

Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliance Scaled

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Clarins Jolie Rouge Brilliance

Date night is a special night and a must for all relationships. And I don’t just mean romantic relationships. Having a date night with your friends, family, and other special people in your life is very important. Those “dates” are times where you get to reconnect with those who you care about and have a fun time together. Hubby and I are big fans of date night. With us having no children at the moment, our date nights are every weekend. And with every weekend date night, I make sure to try to keep things special by creating new bold looks that will keep everything exciting.



I have always been a big fan of Clarins. It all started, for me, with their skincare products. And as you might have heard, my skincare is very important to me.

So when I began to try out some of the Clarins beauty products, I was super excited to notice that the products were not only bold, vibrant, and luminous, but they also did great things for the skin that they were put on.

The Clarins Jolie Rouge line does wonders for your look and your lips. The Jolie Rouge line is a collection of lipsticks in matte, sating and shiny & sheer. And you can get these finishes in 20 different shades. In this post, I am sharing with you the three different finishes in the marvelous date night shade of the bold and luminous – RED.

I have been shuffling three each of these finishes for the past few dates nights and I have been loving the look that each one creates. Each finish is creamy and easy to put on and it lasts long. With us going on date nights that involve food first and a party later, I need my lipstick to not have to be re-applied every time I finish a meal or a drink.

The Clarins Jolie Rouge line is not only long-lasting but it also provides hydrating to your lips. I typically get rid of lipsticks that leave my lips dry and peeling by the middle of the day, but these Clarins lipsticks are here to stay because I haven’t had to deal with dryness from wearing them.

When shopping for your own Clarins Jolie Rouge, you want to make sure that you get each finish. The velvet is your matte finish, your brilliant is that shiny and lustrous, while your regular Jolie Rouge is your satin and luxe look.

So why not spice things up for date night and create a bold look? Red is not just a spring/summer color, it is a great color to bring into those fall/winter date nights to make your lips and entire look pop.

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