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The Four Seasons Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an amazing city with so many unique aspects around every corner. With the city housing so much rich history, vibrant culture, and exquisite dining experiences, you may be wondering where is the ideal place to stay that will give you a luxury experience that is fit for solo travelers, couples, friends, and families. Well, if you’re looking for a luxury staycation in the City of Brotherly Love, then I recommend you stay at the Four Seasons Philadelphia.

On a recent trip into the city to get away from the day to day work life without having to hop on a plane or take an extensive drive, we headed into Philadelphia and had a luxury staycation at the Four Season Philly located in Center City right off the Franklin Parkway above the Comcast Center.

In this post, I’ll be sharing everything about our stay including our experience in one of the suites, dining at the hotel’s exclusive restaurant, and services at the spa in the Four Seasons Philadelphia.

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As someone who has lived in the Philadelphia area for my entire life, I tend to be a little particular about the places that I stay and recommend to people who are visiting. When visiting a city, I am a true believer that you have to experience the city to fully get the most out of your travel experience, and the start of that vacation starts with where you stay. It’s no secret that the Four Seasons Hotel brand provides immaculate stays in the various locations around the world, but what is particular about each of the locations is how they house the culture and vibrancy of the city.

The Four Seasons Philadelphia captures the city of Philadelphia in a unique way starting with it’s location being above the crowds. City skylines are unique and contain so much to them that words can’t fully describe it. When you first arrive at the Four Seasons Philly, you are immediately greeted by the concierge and valet. With the heavy lifting of parking and having to carry your bags taken out of your hands, you enter the building to travel in a glass elevator that transports you above the clouds where you immediately fall in love with the view that the Four Seasons Philadelphia provides you throughout your stay.

Check-in is a breeze and the lobby is not only beautiful, but it captures you in the unique art and aesthetic of the city. The lobby is decorated immaculately with a floral artscape that changes throughout each of the seasons. From the lobby, you can access the restaurant or head to the elevators to head to your room and begin your luxury stay at the Four Seasons.

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Four Seasons Philadelphia Family Friendly Hotel

THE ROOMS AT Four Season Philadelphia

The Four Seasons Philadelphia houses a variety of room types fit for the type of stay that you are looking for. Each of the rooms is luxurious in it’s own way and offers enough space for you and whomever you may be traveling with. You can choose from a variety of guest rooms and suites – all with amazing views of the city.

For our luxury staycation at the Four Seasons Philly, we stayed in the Skyline Corner Suite which is a suite that I recommend that anyone stay in if it’s available during your stay. As one of the highly-coveted rooms, it’s a room that you want to make sure you book ASAP before it’s not even an option during your stay. The Skyline Corner Suite is a large suit that fits up to two adults and two children. Upon entering, you’ll find a dinette table and a living room area that is offset from the bedroom, walk-in closet, and large bathroom. IN the bathroom, you’ll find a large standing shower, two sinks, and a bathtub that allows you to soak with some bath salts while overlooking the city.

In both the guest rooms and suites, you’ll find a variety of luxury amenities including room service, an iPad that allows you to request whatever you may need during your stay, and so much more.


One thing that I highly recommend while staying at the Four Seasons Philadelphia is to take advantage of the in-room dining especially for breakfast. If you’re anything like us, we often take a little while to get ourselves in the morning, and even more, we aren’t people who often like to leave the room super early to go find breakfast, so the in-room dining was a super luxury experience during our stay. On the iPad found in the room, you’ll select from the menu and pick a time that you want the food brought to your room. Once ready, the food will be delivered on a rolling table that you can eat right from. Then when you’re ready to finish, you just request to have the table picked back up and they’ll remove it from your room.

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If you are traveling with children, the Four Seasons Philadelphia will not only make sure that you are taken care of but that your children receive a luxury experience as well. We are family that travels together as much as we can, so I am typically someone who is super judgmental on the family amenities. And I have to say that the Four Seasons Philadelphia has definitely taken the cake on providing luxury family amenities.

Upon request, you can have a crib or rollaway bed placed in your room for your children. The rollaway bed, which we had in the room for our son, was outfitted with little stuffed toys, a super soft kid-sized blanket, lots of pillows, and twinkle lights that gave our little guy a space that was fit just for him. Depending on the time of year, the theme of the rollaway bed changes such as if you visit the Four Seasons Philadelphia during the holiday time, it’s built with a holiday theme.

Along with the rollaway bed, the room including snacks that were provided for our son to enjoy during his stay as well as other aspects that made us all feel comfortable as a family during our stay. For parents, if you’re looking for a date night or both want to enjoy spa services, the Four Seasons Philadelphia offers babysitting services for an additional fee so that you can enjoy a little luxury time away from the kids for a few hours.

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Four Seasons Philadelphia In Room Dining
Family Friendly Four Seasons Philadelphia
The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool At The Four Seasons Philadelphia
The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia Pool
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While staying at the Four Seasons Philadelphia, it’s a must to visit the spa and take a swim in the renowned infinity pool. Located past the the fitness center, you’ll find the entrance to the spa that also houses the infinity pool, so that if, like us, you travel with a child, you can spread out your spa services so that one parent can be in the pool with the children while the other enjoys a spa service.


The spa at the Four Seasons Philadelphia focuses on relaxation, comfort, luxury, and wellness. With the services including massages, facials, nail services, hair care and more, what makes this spa so unique is that it also focuses on healing and not only taking care of your body but your spirit and energy. Built into the walls, the spa is encased with over 700 pounds of healing crystals that creates an immediate feeling calm.

Depending on the service you receive, you will be introduced to the meaning of the crystals and also have the ability to choose a crystal that your energy is drawn to. During our stay, I experience a luxe crystal oil massage that provided exceptional healing for both my body and my energy. Within the treatment, your senses will be stimulated through the use of aromatherapy, singing crystal bowls, and oils.

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  • Four Seasons Philadelphia Infinity Pool
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The infinity-edge pool of the Four Seasons Philadelphia gives you the feeling that you are effortlessly floating in relaxation during your stay above the clouds. Located within the spa, you’ll have access to the infinity pool. You do not need to have a booked spa service to enter the pool as it is open as an exclusive amenity to the all of the guests at the hotel. Within the pool area, you’ll find lounge chairs and couches along with a menu for you to order select drinks while you relax by the pool or drip into the heated pool that you can enjoy anytime during the year.

The infinity pool is open starting at 6am – 10pm for adults and has specific family swim from 8am to 8pm.

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Four Seasons Pool Philly
Four Seasons Pool
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JG SKYBAR Four Seasons Philadelphia

Whether you’re staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia or just stopping through, you’ll want to dine at Jean-Georges Philadelphia – also known at JG Skybar named after Jean Georges Vongerichten. You’ll walk down a waterfall stairway into the open window room where you can dine while overlooking the city scape. Whether dining during the day or in the evening, you’ll experience a dining experience that is not matched to words. On the menu curated by Chef Cornelia Sühr, you’ll discover a variety of amazing food options for any type of palate with it also including kid-friendly options for picky eaters.

While at the restaurant, make sure to start off your meal the right way with appetizers / snacks. I recommend the Egg Toast Caviar. As someone who isn’t quite a fan of caviar, I fully enjoyed this bite from the menu. The make sure to make it all the way through to dessert where you’ll find great sweet delicacies to end your night the right way.

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During our stay, we were hosted by the Four Seasons Philadelphia. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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