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I’ve always had a love for interior design. When I lived at home, I would often sit and watch flipping houses shows with my mother on the weekend. We would watch back to back episodes of the same show for hours, and I would sit there and dream about how I would decorate my own home with special pieces dedicated to my taste. Even when my fiance and I started looking for the necessities that we would need for our apartment, I was running around looking and buying things more for the home decor than anything. To me, that was a “necessity”.

Now that my fiance and I are in our own home, I still obsess over home decor, but the idea is to focus on one room at a time. Since many of the decor and necessary items for our main rooms – living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining area – are on our registry, I have made the decor of the only room that is not on our registry my own project.

That room is the office.

I’ve been dying to create an office space that gives me inspiration and the necessary space to do all the work that I need – blogging, writing, teaching. My dream space is very modern femme chic – with a little touch of light masculinity to make sure that my fiance still feels comfortable when he needs to work in there.

As I’ve been doing my research, I wanted to first start with the furniture as my base. When we moved in, the only things we had for the office was the desk, a bookshelf, and our computer. We don’t have a chair – make that priority one.

On my recent trip to Philadelphia a swung by a fabulous interior decor shop called BoConcept – owned by a homely, sophisticated man named Terrance. Meeting him was a great experience. To be able to talk to someone who is real and hear about the ideas, inspiration and projects of BoConcept Philadelphia was amazing. His passion for his store and the goals that he has for it immediately gave me the feeling that I was going to find what I was looking for in that store.

IMG 3442 Boconcept Dining Room

Interior Design Lounge Chair Boconcept Chair

Coffee Table

BoConcept Philadelphia is filled with a variety of modern decor that is perfect for all types of individuals – no matter age, race…size? (does that make sense? *shrug*). The color schemes and the staging blew me away. I was able to see the sophistication of the chic looks glaring at me as soon as I walked through the front doors. But what made things even more perfect was that the femme chic had touches of masculinity that made the pieces an exact match to the ideal look that I am going for in my own office.

Terrance gave us a mini tour of the variety of staged rooms on both the main floor and the upper studio, and he also showed us the versatility of many of the pieces of furniture.

Such as there was a couch,  that you can custom make in any color and fabric that you want, that can sit and look like a simple couch. But then extend on one side to include a chaise at the one end, but then can further extend and have the back push out to become a day bed. If this piece of furniture is not fit for a luxury studio in the city, I don’t know what other type of furniture.

Also, as a slightly mentioned, and need to highlight, mostly all of the pieces of BoConcept can be custom made to your liking. They have a variety of fabrics in all types of colors and blends that you can fit to any room that you may already have decor for.

Oversized Chair Floral DecorBlue CouchLifestyle Blogger Living Room Furniture

When working with Terrance, and home decor stylist, Nathalie, I was able to tell Nathalie exactly what kind of look and color scheme I was envisioning for my home office, and she was able to help me match a piece directly to my style.

Originally, I thought I was going to have to search through furniture and then find something that somewhat fits and then match everything to that. But now instead, I found the perfect piece – an Adelaide chair with Oak legs (no wheels – I don’t want to roll around) with a beige fabric that is a mix between plush fabric and leather.

The chair is going to be prefect. As a sneak peak, you can see the last image below to see the rendered image of what my custom BoConcept office chair will look like once it arrives.

This chair is going to add the element that I need to my office and will help me bring it together. BoConcept has furniture that tailors specifically to your own personal interior style so that you can find the perfect piece for any room in your home.

I can’t wait for my chair to arrive and show you how it brings the entire room together – including other accessories that I found at BoConcept that is going to make that office absolutely fabulous.

When the whole project is done, I will be thanking BoConcept for the style and design.

I can’t wait to show you all. But, like I said, take a sneak peak into what my chair is going to look like below, and make sure to check out BoConcept.

And if you’re one of my Philadelphia area natives, make sure you specifically go to BoConcept Philadelphia and speak to Terrance – a man that I was honored to meet and so grateful to see thriving.
Interior Decor Boconcept IMG 3522 Interior Decorating IMG 3533 IMG 3530 Philadelphia BloggerPhiladelphia Lifestyle Blogger IMG 3570 IMG 3574

Here’s a peak at my custom BoConcept Adelaide chair that is currently be tailored to my specific design and will be arriving to me in about 10 weeks.

Boconcept Adelaide Chair

Thank you to BoConcept + Terrance and the team of BoConcept Philadelphia for partnering with me on this post.

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