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I’m always looking to expand LivingLesh and to bring my readers and followers amazing content in the various ways they love to get it. Last year, I began thinking about expanding and taking on another avenue and starting a podcast. It’s been playing on my mind and now that my husband and I are moving towards getting our basement finished and I’ll be putting in an office space there, I figured this is the time to set up an area where I can work on the podcast. I’ve has so many ideas in my head about it, but I want to narrow it down to make sure to create content that you all would want to hear and tune in for.



You’re probably thinking – “Why do you want to start a podcast? And what are you going to do?” Well, that’s a loaded question. So I’m going to give you my initial thought process and then ask for your help.

Why a LivingLesh Podcast? 

I’ve always been interested in podcasts. I listen to them myself. Like many people, I spend a lot of time in my car and at work. And then now, as a mom, I spend a lot of time being hands-on with my son. That means there is a lot of time where I am not near my phone or my computer to watch a Youtube video, be on social media, or read a blog post. But I do have time to listen. There are so many people I know who say, I get a good amount of my news from listening to podcasts in my car or while I’m doing things around my home. So I want to be able to connect with those who still want to be updated on new tips and experiences but don’t have so much time to be on their devices.

What Could I Possibly Talk About? 

There’s a lot of things that I would love to talk about that expand beyond what content I create here on the blog. I, of course, would still love to talk about fashion and beauty and motherhood, but I also want to have conversations around other things in life like marriage and dating, travel, current events, and just the little thoughts that pop through my head that align with the experiences that I go through and that my readers go through. I’m considering some Q&A segments, some guest talks, and some “Sip The Tea” gossip segments. I am even thinking about having my husband go further into the business with me and share his opinions on certain topics – especially since we are always discussing the topic of male and female roles. Even more, I want to have people come in and share their life experiences

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and have interviews with small business owners, other bloggers/influencers, people in the community who are doing big things, and so many more!

It’s still in the works and I still have to do a little more research, but I’m hoping to start the process of creating initial content in the Spring to have my podcast debut in the Summer.

I’m still trying to think of a name – so if anyone has any super fun name ideas, drop them in the comments after you take the survey below! 

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