A First Impression: Rocksbox Unboxing + Discount



I am a big fan of designer jewelry, but often times when I find out the price, I realize that it is out of my budget. Designer jewelry comes in the styles that every fashionista wants. There are brands such as Kendra Scott that have unique designs that can be the centerpiece for a great look. But again, if you’re like me and you’re on a budget, you can’t fill your jewelry box with this kind of designer jewelry.

Well, I recently discovered the solution to this problem, and that is Rocksbox! Rocksbox gives you unlimited access to rent designer jewelry in the style that you like. All you have to do is sign up and take a quick style survey. Then you’re all set. You’ll be ready to start receiving your designer jewelry right to your mailbox.

Still not convinced and want a little insight on how Rocksbox works –  well, let me tell you about my first impression and how I am so excited to continue with this jewelry service.
DSC 0385

My first Rockbox arrived to my mailbox only a week after I signed up, completed my style survey and put items on my wishlist. It came vis USPS and arrived in bubble wrap with a note telling me not to throw the mailer out – this would be how I would send the items back if I wished to.

The box found within the package was tied so beautifully with an orange ribbon and Rocksbox displayed prominently on the front. It looked so pretty that I didn’t even want to open the box and see what was inside. But I did.

In the box, I found a note from my stylist telling me how she came to choosing my items and what I would find in the box. I also found some instructions, the return label, and of course, three individual bags holding my jewelry. DSC 0396

The items that were selected, just for me were:

  • Gorjana Zorah Lariat Necklace – $56
  • Sophie Harper Pave Triangle Ring in Gold – $32
  • Kendra Scott Elle Earrings in Chalcedony – $44

All the items arrived in prime condition and the one aspect that I greatly appreciated was that all items were in one color – gold – so it gave me the opportunity to wear them all together or separately. I was so excited to receive these items, especially since some of them were picked right off of my wishlist. This provided me with a chance to see each piece in person and try it out with my wardrobe. Of course, each piece was a great addition to my jewelry collection. 

Dsc 0397

After having the opportunity to wear my items for a few days, I had the choice to send them all back or keep some for purchase. (I could have kept the items longer, but I was ready to try something new and see what else Rocksbox would send me.) As an insider, I receive $10 off of my purchase which renews every month – it’s like a never ending discount! Though I loved all of the items that I received, I decided not to purchase any because it just wasn’t in my budget at the time. But I can guarantee that if my next box is as great as this box, I will be making a purchase.

I wrapped all of my items back up and placed it in my mailbox with the prepaid return label. And the next day, I received notice to provide feedback for my items because they knew that the box was on its way back. The feedback would help my stylist pick my next items for my box and have it sent right away. DSC 0389

At this point you should be absolutely ready to sign up for Rockbox, and to make the deal sweeter and more convincing, I can offer you my special discount code “livingleshxoxo“? This code will give you your first month of Rockbox for free! Meaning, you can get up to 2-3 boxes sent to your home for free! How sweet a deal is that?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for your Rocksbox subscription and at checkout enter “livingleshxoxo” for your free box + free shipping! It’s all free!

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