Slightly Boho

My style is very versatile, but I will admit, that I am not typically one for the boho style.

I am a big fan of those who can sport this style and embody it as their own. But when I try to go full-out boho, I just realize the style is not for me. This is a style that is on trend and it seems like it is here to stay.

So if you’re like me and you admire this style but just can’t make it your own, the best thing to do is just go “slightly boho”.

Now, you’re probably asking: “What does that mean?” Well, just stick with me, and I’ll give you the full rundown.

Being “slightly boho” means that you are taking aspects of the style, and matching it with your own personal style.

As a petite woman, I can’t wear a lot of the loose fitting and long pieces that the boho style includes. The pieces tend to be overbearing on my frame. And they make me look exceptionally shorter than I already am. But instead of writing off the pieces all together, I decided to meet this style half way and wear pieces that are open but still accentuate my tiny frame.

For this outfit, I used two tones that match together perfectly and also go well with my skin tone – brick & moss color. These colors match my style and work well as pieces that I can wear with other outfits.

The pieces are only somewhat loose fitting, which helps to frame my body. Which keeps them close to the boho style, but also keeps in aligned with my personal style.

What do you think? Are you fan of the boho style or are you okay only being with it “slightly”?


Brick Embroidered Top – Primark

Moss Open Leg Pant – Primark

Brown Platform Sandal – Primark

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