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Rufflie Midi Skirt Scaled

Rufflie Midi Skirt

Things have been expanding here at LivingLesh, and it is honestly, all because of you all. When I put those little notes on some of my sponsored posts that say “Thank you for supporting brands that make LivingLesh possible”, I really mean it because by you all supporting those brands, I am able to keep doing what I love and bring you all better content week after week. Things have been normalizing recently since the birth of my son. My schedule has changed quite a bit, but we have been adapting. I am actually creating more content now and staying a lot more consistent since he’s been here compared to when I was pregnant. And since things are normalizing and improving, I wanted to bring you all my first blog survey.



I have never done one before, which is so shameful, and I figured that it’s about time. With a lot of my sponsored posts being geared on Instagram, I ignored my readership and development on here, and I, honestly, did not like that. Since my recent realization, I decided that when connecting with brands I should offer up my blog more often to create more content for them and engage you all more on here. I dedicate a lot of time on Instagram, but I love this blog so much and when I started, the blog was supposed to be the primary focus, so I am bringing it back here.

Now that we are headed into Q4, and 2020 is on its way, I plan on creating more content on here and using social media as a secondary level to bring people to the blog.

With that in mind, I need your help. I love this blog because of you all, and I want to make sure that I am creating content that you all want to see. Below is a short survey to provide feedback on LivingLesh, and as a thank you for taking the survey, you’ll automatically be entered into a giveaway to win a $150 VISA gift card + personalized beauty bundle. (The survey will be open for two weeks. I’ll draw the winner on Oct. 21st).

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