Here’s to 25

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Blogger Birthday

I forgot to mention it, but earlier this week was my 25th birthday! I was so caught up in celebrating my birthday and preparing for Thanksgiving that I forgot to share this big milestone with you all.

Turning 25 is a big deal for me. Yes, I am already legally able to do so much already but turning 25 adds just a little extra, and to me, it makes me sound like I am moving further into adulthood.

Saying that I’m 25 versus saying that I’m 24 sounds more sophisticated and older. There’s a big transition in the number. There’s a lot that happens starting at age 25, and honestly, some of it already has happened. The other day I was talking to one of my really close friends from high school about all of the things that I have been seeing on Facebook. At 25, I expect many people that I have graduated with to be moving out of their parents house and getting married, but the biggest thing lately is that many of the people I have graduated with are already married and have more than one child. When we were talking about it, I was so taken back. How can my generation be at this stage already? Aren’t we still growing up

But then I realized that we are already grown up, and it is our generation that is not only getting married right now but having children and buying houses. I think I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone.

For the past few years, I’ve held tight to my adolescence. I’ve depended so much on my family to take care of me because I just felt like I wasn’t ready – even though everyone else knew that I was. And it took a quick realization for me to finally come to the conclusion that I am not a child anymore. I am adult moving forward in my life and moving to start my own family.

Just thinking about it – in this past year alone I have 1) gotten engaged; 2) graduated with my masters degree; 3) bought my very first brand new car; 4) started my career; 5) moved into an apartment with my fiance; and so many more big things.

The majority of those actually happened within a three months time span.

Turning 25 didn’t make me an adult. It just made me realize that I have actually been one for awhile.

So, here’s to 25. In this next year, I’ll be getting married, moving forward in my career, and making so many new life changes that I haven’t had to make before. Though many of these changes are probably going to cause me anxiety and stress, they are also going to be tremendously exciting.

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