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Heyya! Welcome to my blog – LivingLesh! If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram double tapping on all of those super luxe looks, pinning bucket list locations to your travel board, or maybe you’re searching for inspiration on how to decorate your house or just navigate through motherhood, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, on LivingLesh, you’ll find it all. I share tips on creating luxe looks for less, give you guides on traveling around the world, and give you the raw truth on navigating through marriage, motherhood, and moving forward through life’s milestones.

Iesha Vincent, aka Lesh, is a Philadelphia fashion and lifestyle blogger, podcaster, book author, wife, mom, and an African American influencer that is currently based in the Philly area suburbs. Since launching her blog, LivingLesh, in 2016, her community has grown to include followers worldwide who enjoy following along with her life milestones, reading about her fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle tips, and engaging with her as she shares her passions.

On LivingLesh, Iesha aims to redefine what luxury means. For many people, luxury connects with brand names and high price tags, but Iesha shows how luxury can be defined through the individual lifestyles that we all want to live. Luxury is being able to live the comfortable lifestyle that you want, dressing in the clothes that show your unique personality, and being able to achieve all the things in your life that you value.

Starting out working in fashion retail in her teenage year, Iesha learned about styles for various body types and which cosmetics are best for specific skin types. In college, she spent many years styling friends and other women on campus for their own events while studying English: Creative Writing and taking elective classes in print and digital photography. Her experience as a stylist and her degrees in writing have dubbed Iesha as an expert

in content creation and digital storytelling – something clearly seen through the LivingLesh blog, that That Luxe Life podcast, and the LivingLesh social media channels where she creates fresh, relevant and on-trend content that speaks to a diverse audience.

Iesha uses her platform to empower others to pursue their luxurious life. And as a former high school teacher, she loves sharing her experiences and “teaching” others about various experiences. Her awareness of her community and her representation as an African American woman is highly evident as she makes sure to share travel experiences and trends that are accessible to her community, while also putting at the forefront brands that embody diversity, black-owned business, and female-led companies. She has consistently used her voice on her social media channels and blog posts to speak about the lack of diversity in the influencer space and has challenged brands to make those changes. Iesha aims to shed light, through her various platforms and initiatives, on the value that diverse voices provide a stronger, diverse, and overall better audience for greater exposure not only through her blog but also through the platform of other diverse content creators. Her most recent and budding initiative is founding the group – Babes That Wander – a collaborative travel group of diverse content creators.

Over the years, Iesha has worked with a variety of brands such as Revolve, Walmart, Ford, Secrets Resorts, Choose Chicago, buybuyBABY, and Aerie while also being featured on Good Morning Philadelphia, 6abc News, and having print features in nationwide local Philadelphia magazines such as Business Insider and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Livinglesh has become a go-to destination for women who want to attain the luxury lifestyle but don’t want to break their budget. And here, Iesha has allowed those women to achieve that lifestyle by redefining what it means and providing the tips and confidence to go for it. It is Iesha’s goal to grow LivingLesh to an inclusive brand that will eventually contain educational classes both virtually and through conferences and then further grow into a fashion line.

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