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Off The Shoulder

Vici Collection Sweater

Today is a great Friday! But before I tell you what I am so excited about, let’s break down this outfit.

When I was younger, I was the biggest tom-boy and the laziest dresser. My day-to-day outfit to high school was baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. My hair was always in a bun or braids, and I literally paid no attention to what was going on with what I was wearing. Looking back…I’m ashamed. So as a person who didn’t even really like to get dressed, I’m sure you can assume how I felt about ruffles — I hated them. Even as a child when my grandmother put my cousin and I in those white, ruffle socks…ugh, it was the worst for me. But now my whole outlook has changed. And it is not just because I finally found a sense of fashion – it’s because I just love the various sizes, styles, and pieces that you can find ruffles on.

Recently, I found this oversized sweater at VICI that has ruffles down the sleeve. I find it absolutely amazing even though one of my students has told me that it reminds him of the pirate shirt that one of the characters wore on Seinfeld (my students say the crazies things).

I like that I can wear it loosely and have one bare shoulder, or I can wear it with both shoulders covered and accessorize it with a scarf. The ruffles on the sleeves just bring so much to this top and I can’t even handle it!


Off The Shoulder DSC 01591 Vici Dolls Maxi Skirt

TOP: VICI | SKIRT: Forever 21| BOOTS: Charlotte Russe


It’s only 98 days until I am officially Mrs. Vincent! I can’t even believe it.

To give you some updates on a few upcoming wedding planning details: tomorrow, we are going to our food tasting to decide on the food for our wedding and the decor options that the venue has to offer. We will be picking out our linens and getting the information on how to pick a floor plan and complete our seating arrangements.

Also, the first Saturday in February which is in less than 3 weeks is my bridal shower! EEK! I just received the dress I’m going to wear in the mail and I am so excited to wear it and share with you all how my bridesmaids planned this fabulous shower that I am looking forward to having.

We are getting to the final big pieces and mostly everything is in place and now comes the big countdown now that we have gone from the three digit countdown to only two digits. Before we know it, it will be single digits and then wedding bells!

GAH! Can’t contain the excitement!

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