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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week. My weekend was packed full of wedding planning and hanging out with my fiance. We had thought about heading out in town on Saturday, but the weather had different plan and we actually got some snow. It was somewhat of a good thing though because my fiance and I got to watch some movies that we had wanted to see in theaters, but didn’t have the time. So, it was a weekend with some pizza (which I actually took a risk and went out to pick it up because I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay a delivery fee or tip) and watching Bad Moms and The Magnificent Seven – both good movies. Sunday was a better day with some sun and melting snow, but Sunday is our “let’s do absolutely nothing” day.

Onto some stylish thoughts, I’ve been trying to adjust to wearing clothes fit for work and for the cold this year. As you know, I only finished grad school last year, so I’m still in my first year of my career. Lately, I’ve been buying clothes that are less “college” and more “teacher” and that includes my outerwear. Though I haven’t changed it much, I have been looking for the best outerwear pieces that are trending – which still means that I typically look more like a student at the high school where I teach than a teacher.

This is my first year of actually having snow boots – shout out to the soon-to-be hubby for buying me my first real pair! And I am absolutely loving it. On snow days where I still have to head to work, I slip on my snow boots, pack up my “work shoes” and switch up the footwear when I step out of the elements. Having snow boots is such a godsend. It’s just better for getting places when it snows, shoveling, cleaning off the car – just generally heading out into the snow and not getting the ends of your pants soaked.

Other than snow boots, I have been loving all of the different coats, hats, and other winter accessories that are trending this season. I haven’t had one favorite place to show for outerwear pieces but I have been snatching up pieces from stores such as Nordstrom, American Eagle, and Macy’s.

My advice on buying outerwear is to buy pieces that not only fit your style, but keep you comfortable and that you can wear a variety of places such as to work and just everyday wear. Obviously, you’ll probably need a coat that is a little dressier for those occasions where you are heading out for an event, night out, a winter wedding, etc.

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Winter Outerwear

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