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If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself with a taste in fashion, home, and beauty that often fits outside of your budget. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have found furniture on Pinterest that I absolutely adore, only to find out that it’s at a price that I am not willing to pay. Even more, there have been a number of times when I am shopping for clothes and end up picking out the most expensive pieces found in the store. More times than not I’ll often find pieces similar that fit into my budget which allow me to still have that luxe look, but I do often wish I could wear the clothes that I find instead of finding something similar. And I’ve found the way to be able to have the cake and eat it too when it comes to fashion – clothing subscription boxes.

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There are a number of subscription boxes out there, many you’ve probably heard of, and many you’ve probably tried out. To be honest, there have been quite a few that I have tried out over the years that I absolutely love and others that have fallen short. But when it comes to being able to have a luxe wardrobe while also staying on budget, there’s only a handful of subscription boxes that take the cake and give you what you want, and I’m sharing those here.


When shopping at Express, you can get lost in their vast collection of chic looks. I mean, from their dresses to workwear to everyday looks, you can get lost in the style and end up with the whole store in your fitting room. With Express Style Trial, you are able to add the styles that you like to your virtual wardrobe and for a flat fee, they will ship you eight of the pieces for free for you to wear as much as you like. If you love it, you can purchase it, if you don’t then send it back and they’ll send you another piece from your virtual closet. There are unlimited exchanges and the service allows you to basically try on clothes at home without the worry of having to go to the store. Even take a moment and try out the clothes and wear them somewhere because they offer free dry cleaning!

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If you love shopping at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People then this is the subscription service that you need. I’ve been using Nuuly for quite some time now and the entire experience of the Nuuly fashion subscription service is just amazing. With Nuuly, you’re able to pick out a selection of pieces from their collection for a small flat fee and they will send you a box of the pieces for you to wear as many times as you like all month long. Have an event coming up? This will work. Taking family pictures? Yep, this is what you need. The dress that I wore in our first family pictures is from Nuuly and I got so many compliments on it. Even the dress from this post is from Nuuly and honestly, I almost kept it. Many of the clothing pieces you’ll find are $80+ but, you’ll be able to get from 6-8 pieces each month for a small fee.

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Formerly known as Box of Style, Curateur provides a collection of five fashion pieces for you to keep. The quarterly subscription box is tailored to giving recipients a curated selection of accessories and beauty products each season with a total retail value of over $700. At times, you’ll get to customize your box and pick between selections, but overall, the pieces that you receive will feel as if they were picked just for your luxe style. Over the years, I have acquired handbags, beauty products, and jewelry that I still wear to this day. In one of the boxes, I even received a complete Fall look that featured a belt, poncho, and a few jewelry pieces.

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If you’ve ever shopped at Nordstrom, you know that it can be somewhat overwhelming. Each department is vast and when shopping for clothes, there are a number of brands at various price points to shop from. Trunk Club is by Nordstrom and allows you to try on clothes at home from a curated collection that is set from your specific tastes, what is trending, and pieces that will flatter your frame. Before the box is shipped out, you’re able to review to make sure that the pieces being sent are actually ones that you want to try on at home. Then if you don’t like it, send it back. If you do, keep it for yourself.

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Ann Taylor is also offering a virtual wardrobe through its brand with the Infinite Style by Ann Taylor clothing subscription. With chic pieces that are fit for all occasions, you can build out your closet and then rent three pieces at one time for you to wear as long as you would like. When you’re done wearing, send the looks back and then you’ll be on your way to getting another selection of pieces from your closet. If you grow to love the clothing, you can keep the pieces at exclusive membership prices that you can’t even get when the items are on sale. What I love about this fashion subscription service is that so many of the pieces are perfect for workwear and resort-style wear. There have been a couple of pieces that I took along with me to resorts that fit so perfectly with the weather and my overall style.

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