Florals for Early Spring

Adalicia Top

Adalicia Top

There’s something special that comes with ‘on-the-nose’ fashion. The other day, I decided to wear an animal print blazer to the Philadelphia Zoo and I got so many compliments on it. It can be said that wearing florals in the Spring is not as ‘on-the-nose’ as many may think – especially since floral outfits are a huge trend when it starts getting warmer outside. But in contrast, some people think it’s too much to wear florals in the Spring because there are already so many florals around. Some people avoid wearing florals and focus on contrasting looks that move away from the symbols of the season. For me, I’m always a lover of floral outfits. I wear florals all year round because I love them so much, and I tell everyone else they should too.




Florals in the spring are super on-trend, and there are so many options when it comes to wearing florals. From dresses to tops to pants and even decal on hats, you find integrate floral into so many looks. One special aspect that I like to add to my closet when it comes to florals is having pieces that have floral patterns on them but they are one solid color. There is something special about wearing a bold color with a feminine pattern.

But, of course, I do really love wearing multi-colored floral patterns. If you check out the Instagram Reels on my LivingLesh Instagram page, you’ll see that many of the different looks that I style during the Spring and Summer season include floral aspects. I even have an IG Reel that showcases floral outfits, particularly for the Spring.



I went through and rounded up some top floral pieces that you can shop right now from some of the affordable luxury style boutiques that I typically shop at such as ASOS and Red Dress Boutique. Each of the various pieces that you’ll see has trending colors and patterns of the season.

One main reason to wear florals during the Spring is the luxury and feminine aspect that it adds to the overall look. When I saw the off-the-shoulder floral cropped top that I am wearing in this look, I fully felt that the top gave off that luxe feel that I try to maintain in my personal style. ( P.S. If you love this top, you can also get the matching floral mini skirt that goes with it and make it a completely floral outfit.)

Petal And Pup Floral Top
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Florals For Early Spring
Floral Off The Shoulder Top
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