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Many people think that florals are solely for wearing in the Spring, and maybe a little into the Summer. But I’m a big advocate for wearing florals all year around by creating a transitional outfit. Why limit florals to only being worn when there are flowers all around you? Instead, while everything is turning orange and brown, bring those bright colors into the season through your wardrobe and make the surroundings a little more brighter than they were before. It honestly wouldn’t hurt, and it allows you to wear specific outfits all year around thus saving you money and expanding your wardrobe.



As you all know, I am a huge advocate of making sure that you get the most out of an outfit, especially if you are spending any sum of money on it. You worked hard for that money, and probably, worked hard to find that outfit that fits your personal style. And if you’re a sale shopper, like me, you may have found that floral outfit at the end of the season thinking that you’ll just wear it next year. But you don’t have to wait until next year, wear it right away.

You can transition a floral outfit from the summer into the Fall by just layering your look and also being aware of where you are going and what the temperature is going to be like. For early Fall, you may not have the need to wear another layer over it because you may find a day that is al little warmer than most. But on those days where it is not as warm, break out those cardigans, jackets, or light outerwear and make it a complete transitional outfit.

With this dress, the toned down florals of Spring matched with the olive green of Fall, is a great transitional dress. For a warmer Fall day, I would just wear this dress as is and match it with a neutral color heel in order to not take away from the floral print of the dress. But on a cooler day, I would pick out a cardigan or jacket that would match the neutral tone of my shoes. So with this outfit, I would add on a tan cardigan – probably a longer one that reaches the length of the dress – and then off I would go with my fabulous transitional outfit.

Halogen Floral Dress
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Halogen Ruffle Hem Dress
Ruffle Hem Dress
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