Off the Shoulder Tops for All Year Round

Off The Shoulder Sweater

Off The Shoulder Winter Style

We all know that off the shoulder tops have been a year-round trend that does not look like it is going away any time soon. I went into one of my favorite stores the other day and literally had the hardest time finding a top or dress that wasn’t some kind of off the shoulder detail. But, hey, I didn’t really complain and just snagged a few new additions to add to my wardrobe.

It’s funny because when the off the shoulder trend first started hitting all the stores, I was very hesitant to buy anything that was off the shoulder. The reason being that I have a lot of scarring on my shoulders from back acne that I used to pick at as a teenager. But I let my insecurities go and realized that I want to embrace all types of fashion, which means that I need to also embrace my body. 

I love the free feeling of off the shoulder tops. It’s the only real way, outside of beachwear, that I can show off my back tattoo – which was the first tattoo that I ever got in my life.

The off the shoulder trend does not discriminate and it flatters every body type. The only problem that I ever have is not walking out with so many pieces.

I’m including a few reasons and tips for why off the shoulder pieces need to be in your closet, and I’m giving you a one stop shop to find the most amazing pieces to add to your closet. You can see all of this at the bottom of this post.

P.S. – The off the shoulder sweater that I’m wearing is from Vici Collection (one of my favorite stores) and the necklace (which has become a favorite piece of mine) is from Midori Linea.

Vici Sweater Midori Linea

Reasons Why You Should Wear OTS:

– It’s flattering to all body types. // I mean I haven’t seen one person who was wearing an OTS piece and thought that it didn’t look good. The style doesn’t discriminate like some other trends do.

– It shows skin without “shoowing skin”. // You’re letting your skin get some sun without feeling like you have to be on the beach or somewhere behind closed doors.

– You can wear it all season long. // This trend can be found in-stores all season long. And with some of the summer OTS tops, you can layer it and put a long sleeved top underneath and make it look as though it was one piece the entire time.

– There are styles fit for everyone’s personal style preference. // I’ve found so many different styles of OTS pieces that are fit for every person’s style. I don’t share the same style as my sister or even some of my friends, but we all do appreciate the OTS look with different piece of our own.

– You can find it mostly everywhere. // You’ll never have to struggle the switching of stores or going from store to store looking for an OTS piece. I guarantee that you can find it in all of your favorite stores.

– Helps you build your body confidence. // Like I had mentioned, I was afraid to originally wear this type of top because I didn’t want to expose the part of my body that I am most self-conscious about. But this top actually helped me to accept all parts of my body and built me up to wearing my dream wedding dress (which you can see in our wedding pictures).

Ots Sweater Vici Collection Midori Linea Necklace Off The Shoulder Sweater Campus Look


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