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Christmas Scents

There’s nothing like the scent of Christmastime. The holiday season is so special, and the scents of the season are quick to bring you back to a time when life was simpler. As soon as the holiday season arrives, I’m excited to bring out all of my Christmas candles to keep my home feeling warm and cozy all season long. That’s why today I want to share my favorite Christmas scents with you to help you set the mood for the holidays!

There are so many fragrances that remind us of the holidays. Maybe Christmas makes you think of the scent of fresh evergreen, or the cookies that your grandmother made every year. Maybe citrus takes you back to stringing dried oranges on garlands, or you dream of the holidays the moment you smell cranberry. Whatever your favorite holiday scent may be, there’s a candle to infuse that scent into your home all season long. Keep reading for all of my favorite Christmas scents!

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Did you know that your sense of smell is deeply tied to memory? It’s true! Scent, memory, and emotion are all closely tied together in the human brain, and often all that it takes is a whiff of a specific scent to take you back to a different time and place. That’s why scent can completely change the atmosphere of a room – it ties in your brain to emotion.

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, and it’s no secret that the perfect holiday scent can immediately evoke a sense of joy and holiday cheer. Whether the scent reminds you of a moment from your childhood, a particularly magical holiday, or is more of a broad association for you, surrounding yourself with Christmas scents during the holidays is one of the best ways to stay in the holiday spirit all season long.

There are a wide range of holiday scents, from cinnamon to peppermint, evergreen to cranberry. Everyone has a different scent that makes the holidays feel just right for them, which is why I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorites for you today. No matter what scent transports you to a spirit of holiday cheer, there is a candle here to bring that scent to life for you!

I happen to love to give candles as gifts all throughout the holiday season. They are such a cheerful and merry gift, and everyone loves a fun holiday surprise. Often we don’t splurge on things like nice candles for ourselves because we are too busy shopping for gifts for everyone else, so it makes it extra special when someone takes the time to give you a candle as a gift. It’s that self-care splurge that we all need.

Candles are so luxurious, and add an aesthetic elegance to any space. In addition to smelling great, a good candle makes a space feel warm and cozy. Everyone needs a little extra hygge during the holidays, and nothing says cozy night in like the perfect candle. Plus, there’s the perfect delicate touch for any tabletop. Candles make your home a more peaceful, safe place, and you’d better believe I will be lighting mine on cold winter nights all season long.

Read on for all of my favorite Christmas scents and a candle wrap-up that will keep you stocked in popular Christmas fragrances all season long.

There’s nothing like taking a deep breath and breathing in the scent of a fresh Christmas tree. Whether you want to kick the holidays off early or just want to make sure that you can smell that nostalgic Christmas scent in every room of your home, there’s nothing like a good Christmas tree scented candle.

Cinnamon is easily one of the most quintessential holiday scents. It’s used in so many different holiday recipes, from snickerdoodles to cider and beyond. Additionally, many of us decorate with cinnamon sticks as the scent is immediately comforting and nostalgic. Cinnamon feels so warm, and it burns well, leaving your house deliciously fragrant. Choose a cinnamon candle that’s infused with notes of vanilla for an extra sweet touch.

Christmas always makes me want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and watch all of my favorite holiday movies. Bring that delicious, comforting scent into your everyday life with a hot cocoa candle!

The sweet smell of freshly baked gingerbread filling the kitchen is a sure sign that the holidays are here. The sweet and spicy cookie is a Christmas classic, and whether you grew up making gingerbread cookies or building gingerbread houses every year, the scent is laced into all of our memories of the season.

Few scents remind me of winter and Christmastime more than peppermint. We all associate candy canes with the Christmas season, and when you burn a peppermint candle, your house will smell fresh, crisp, and sweet all season long. And hey – if you’re more of an essential oils person than a candle person, peppermint is a quick and easy oil to run in your diffuser!

Apple pie is such a yummy, nostalgic scent. It reminds me of childhood and of time with family, and I love when the house smells like someone has been baking all day. It’s a scent that’s had to beat.

The delicious cinnamon ginger scent of mulled wine is so reminiscent of the holiday season. I love a warm glass during the holidays, and love the festive, spicy scent in my home all month long.

The scent of toffee always makes me think of making homemade toffee – the delicious and chewy treat that we all love. This candle features the smell of sweet brown sugar, crunchy toffee and a dash of vanilla extract for a fragrant candle that will make your house smell fantastic.

Who doesn’t love to start their chilly winter days with a cozy cup of coffee? It’s so warm and delicious, and my favorite part is the delicious scent wafting through my kitchen when I brew my mug. I love that coffee scented candles can make my home smell like coffee all day long.

No mug of hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows, and your holiday season isn’t complete without a marshmallow scented candle! Creamy and sweet, it will brighten all of your days!

I love a candle that has notes of fruity fragrances, and a candy apple scented candle is perfect for the Christmas season. This candle has notes of apple, oranges, and pear. After all, who doesn’t love candy apples at Christmastime?

No berry screams “the holidays are here!” quite like cranberries. Often used in tasty holiday dishes, cranberries bring a fresh, happy fragrance to your home that will instantly make the season brighter. Plus, did you know that cranberries are a great brain food? They’re known to boost cognitive function, so maybe having the scent around throughout the craziness of the holiday season will help you feel a little more alert and ready to tackle all that the season throws your way.

Warm toasted nuts are a hallmark of the holidays, and I love so many Christmas desserts that feature pecans. This candle adds notes of cinnamon and vanilla to the delicious, warm, nutty scent, and I think it will make any space feel instantly more homey.

The scent of wood and trees always transports me to shopping for Christmas trees at a Christmas tree farm. The relaxing scent of cedar and balsam helps ease me into the holidays and keeps me in the spirit of the season.

Who doesn’t love the scent of pomegranate? Light, fruity, and intoxicating, this beautiful fruit smells even better than it looks, which makes it the perfect candle scent to keep around all throughout the holidays. Christmas Eve dinner just got a whole lot sweeter.



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