Stepping Comfortably At New York Fashion Week with Dr. Scholl’s

High Heel Insoles

High Heel Insoles

Since starting my blog, I’ve attended New York Fashion Week three times and each time that I attend, I have more meetings, parties, and shows to attend. I’ve learned so much about myself and my style while attending the NYFW shows, and I’ve grown so much since my first year attending.  If you’re a fashion lover, you have to attend NYFW at least once in your lifetime, you won’t regret it. When it comes to dressing for NYFW, one thing that many people tend to forget about is their shoes and Dr. Scholl’s is here to make you start thinking about your shoes. We spend so much time picking out our multiple outfits for those few days that we attend, but then when we see pictures of ourselves, we sometimes think that we should have worn better shoes. But if you’re travelling, it is not like you can pack all of your shoes into one bag.

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You want to step stylishly around NYFW because, dependent on where you are, you might get captured in a great picture by one of the many street style photographers. In previous years, I would pack shoes based on the amount of walking or standing I would be doing.

During the winter season of NYFW, I typically get to each and every event using rideshare {Uber or Lyft}, and that becomes a big expense. It typically is too cold to take the metro during the winter season. It is so cold. You either end up freezing so badly you can’t feel your fingers, or you end up sacrificing your entire outfit in order to stay warm.

But during the spring/summer season, that doesn’t have to be an issue. I can save money and take the metro or use rideshare as an option.

No matter your mode of transportation during NYFW, you’ll always end up walking – it is just the distance that changes. And even in some of the shows, you may have a ticket for standing room only.

Each time that I attend NYFW, my foot pain typically ends up putting a strain on my entire day. After about the third hour of the day, my feet are typically killing me and I start to think about alternative shoes that I could wear that would completely throw off my look, just so I can be comfortable for the whole day. But, this season, I found the solution that solves all my problems. With Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ High Heel Relief and Stylish Step™ Ball of Foot Cushions for High Heel, I can get around New York in my favorite pair of heels without feeling the strain on my feet.

Heel Insoles

When wearing these insoles or cushions, they are barely detectable by those on the outside.  The only real detection is by the person that is wearing them and you can only feel them when you begin realizing that you haven’t had pain while walking and/or standing.

You can also grab other types of insoles such as Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ for flats from Target. Right now Target is offering a Cartwheel promotion for Stylish Step™, find out more here.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all won’t be walking around in heels for NYFW because we all can’t snag that front row seat for every show. Sometimes, we may end up in standing room.

Now with this season of NYFW upon us, you may see me walking around in my heels in comfort while elegantly dodging the cracks in the pavement.

So, as you are heading out this season of NYFW or if you are beginning your preparation for the next season, when planning out your shoes, don’t think you have to sacrifice style for comfort. You can step stylishly in comfort by just adding the Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ insoles into your favorite pair of shoes and heading out.

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I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

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