Dressing for the Holidays & Gifting with Modcloth

Modcloth Aura Dress Scaled

The looks & gifts in this post were gifted to me by Modcloth. All thoughts, opinions, and product recommendations are all my own.

Has anyone still been shopping holiday looks? And more, is anyone still out buying their holiday gifts? I have to admit that hubby and I haven’t even started. We are going to have to do a big shopping day this weekend or the next to grab everyone’s gifts in store because online shopping is completely out of the question at this point. We aren’t asking for anything for Christmas because everyone helped us so much with the purchasing, mini-reno and decorating of our home. So to ask for more would just be too much.

But that doesn’t mean that we are keeping away from the holiday festivities that still include gift gifting – such as Pollyanna’s or White Elephants. Those are the best events to put together your holiday look and give small gifts under $50.

I’ve shopped Modcloth to bring some amazing holiday looks that are perfect for a variety of occasions and some amazing gifts ideas from Modcloth that are perfect for those holiday gift giving parties.

Modcloth Aura Dress

Aura Off The Shoulder Dress

Modcloth Holiday Dress

This classic off the shoulder look gives a luxury regal aura that would be perfect for any black tie holiday event. The dress is super snug on the top half and the layers underneath the tulle skirt give comfort while also helping to prevent any flashings on the days that it is windy. To accessorize this look, I recommend a statement necklace and either black pumps or a statement color that matches with your statement necklace. Additionally, to keep warm, a shawl would work best if your party location is also cold inside, but a good snug faux fur coat would especially pair well with this regal look.



Modcloth Allure Pea Coat

Mocloth Pea Coat

Modcloth Teal Pepulum Top

This holiday look is perfect for a work party – that after hours, dress down, happy hour to celebrate the end of the year and the holiday season. This would defintely be a look that I would wear to work as it still gives a professional yet festive look. The pea coat is the essential piece to the look, and it’s super warm. The one thing that I adore about pea coats is that it is warm enough to be a coat but also fashionable enough for you to keep it on during the day and wear it as a blazer.



Modcloth Holiday Casual Look

Thyme Hooded Coat

And then there’s this outdoor, holiday look. In many of the holiday seasons, there have been quite a few times where one of our holiday festivities have been outdoors. Last year, it was my sister bringing me along for a holiday festival that my niece and nephew just out right adored. This year, hubby and I are heading into the city to attend some of the special holiday pop-ups such as the Franklin Square Festival. I am super pumped to get on the merry-go-round. This Modcloth coat  is especially perfect because it matches with the holiday color palette and it has a huge hood (probably my favorite feature). The coat is offered in a variety of colors and pairs well with this black floral top that can be worn throughout the winter season.



Modcloth Holiday Sweater

Modcloth Cowl Neck Sweater

Mocloth Sweater

Then you always need a comfy casual holiday look. These are typically my favorite. With me still having head to the mall and go shopping for those holiday gifts, I need something that I can wear that will keep me comfortable as I jump from store to store looking for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. This striped sweater is even more comfortable than it looks. It keeps my neck warm and my entire core, and if you know me, I hate being cold. I will literally lay on top of someone to get their warmth.



Modcloth Gifts

Modcloth has some amazing gift pieces. And their gift options are literally so diverse that you can shop for anyone. There are gifts for the baker, the movie buff, the person who is obsessed with Hello Kitty, that person in your life that is constantly decorating their home, and even that one friend we all have that is always making new drink concotions every time that you come over. There is literally so many gift option to choose from.



Modcloth Holiday Gifts

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