How to Expand Your Wardrobe Using Your Husband’s Clothes + Giveaway

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Expand Your Closet

There are a few tricks on how to expand your wardrobe, but we often try to do by just buying more clothes. One of the things that my husband always gets on me about is the fact that I am taking up so much room in the closet, and he gets less than half. Because of that, earlier this summer, I recycled about 60% of my wardrobe to make room for him and to start a closet refresh. I will admit that it hasn’t been the easies of things to have less of a wardrobe than I usually do, but it makes my husband happy to be able to put his own clothes in the closet.

With my wardrobe being lighter than it used to be, I have been running into this problem of trying to create looks where I think I own a piece of clothing, but I actually don’t. I’ll stare at my closet in frustration and start thinking about what stores I can run into to find that piece of clothing that I need. But soon I realize that it will lead me back to the same problem of my husband being upset about overtaking the entire closet.

Recently, I found a new trick of using my husband’s clothes to extend my wardrobe which can help you to expand your wardobe – even if you don’t have a husband.

There are so many simple pieces in a man’s wardrobe, which makes it really easy for finding pieces that are great for layering. Layering is a technique that creates a larger wardrobe than you already have. It makes it look as if you have a larger collection of clothes by just wearing the same pieces. Even by using another wardrobe to expand your wardobe, you are allowing for more creativity whe it comes to your looks.

My husband and I are nowhere near the same size. Now, I am not saying that he is oversized, but his clothes on me fit in an oversized way. The good thing is that oversized looks are in trend right now, so you can get away with it.

I have worn my husband’s dress shirts as layered pieces to create a cropped look. I have used his blazers to create a look that looks as if I am wearing a blazer dress. Anything that is opened in the front is fair game to create a layered look with your own clothing. By layering your look, you are going to expand your wardrobe tremendously without having to worry about spending your whole paycheck at the mall.

For me, this is a comprimise that has benefitted the both of us. I get to keep my size of wardrobe, but his side of the closet is not being overrun.

I will admit that this won’t last for long. Our prospective house has two closets in the master bedroom – a walk in and normal two-door closet. I’m getting the walk-in, obviously. And he’ll have all the space he wants to himself! Well, maybe.

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