Grab Your Winter Coat

Winter Coat

Winter Coat

What’s Winter Without a Winter Coat?

When it comes to winter wear, there a few pieces of clothing that every fashionable woman must have in her collection. And one of these pieces is a stylish winter coat.

I have at least three winter coats that I wear throughout the cold season, and each one has a different purpose.

I have a winter coat that is for the days when I am out running my necessary errands such as replenishing my cosmetic and toiletry supply or stocking up on my yogurt and collection of nightly snacks. The second coat serves as an everyday coat that is a little more than the average coat. I wear this coat on campus going from class to class, and also when I am just going out for lunch with some friends and grabbing a quick sub from Subway. My final coat (and this is my most special coat) is the coat that I wear when I need a little more of an upscale stylish look. I wear this coat when I am going out to a dinner party, when I am attending church, or when I am going out for a night on the town in some nice black pleather pants and a peplum top.

Winter Wear Delia Coat

I am in huge favor of my upscale coat, and my favorite part about this coat is that it combines my two favorite colors – pink and purple. This coat was purchased a few years ago from Delia’s (that is actually where I used to buy the majority of my coats), but unfortunately, this coat is currently unavailable from Delia’s. It may come back once Delia’s gets back on its feet from the shut down and online relaunch, but I can never tell.

The other great aspect that I adore about this coat is the oversized hood. It is so helpful when it snows since it keeps the snow away from my face and hair while still giving me space to breath and see the wonders around me.

Fashion Winter Coat


Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring a list of the necessary coats that you need for your winter wear collection and where you can find them. But in the meantime, let me know where you like to shop for coats! And how much are you willing to spend on a coat? The one featured on this post was under $100. Leave some comments below about what you would like to see on the upcoming winter coat list.


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