10 Ways to Wear Boots this Winter

Winter Boots

Winter Boots

When the weather switches from warm to cold, it is inevitable before boots become the primary shoe being sold in the stores and worn by everyone you see. And it is most likely that you have a collection of boots in your closet in various styles and colors – with most of the boots being neutral so that you can wear them with multiple outfits.

I love boots. Most of the shoes that I have in my closet are a style of boot, and when the Fall and Winter seasons arrive, the ability to wear my boots is one of the main things that I look forward to. My closet is filled with all types of boots – heeled boots, tall boots, boots with and without heels. I try to keep a versatile collection of boots in order to keep my style updated. But more importantly, every boot in my closet it under $50 – I shop on a budget and I make sure to try to find my stylish boots within my budget. I shop for my boots at Charlotte Russe, Aldo (when there’s a sale), JustFab, and many other department stores and boutiques.

There are tons of ways to wear boots and most of the time you can match one style of booth with at least 20 outfits, so I’m here to provide you with some tips on how to style your boots (some with pictures that you probably have seen in my previous posts!).


1 – Wear a Boot That Can Be Adjusted

One of the aspects that I enjoy about taller boots is the ability for the boot to be adjusted. One pair of boots that I purchased from Charlotte Russe has the ability for me to make it an over-the-knee style or lower just by folding the boot down and tying the string in the back to make it secure. This is a great feature because it allows you to either accentuate the boot or to accentuate your pant depending on what your outfit is. Also, as a petite female, when I wear jeans, I don’t want my boot to be in the middle of my calf because it takes it away from my leg and makes me look shorter.


2 – Wear it with Neutrals

Most boots are made in neutral colors – blacks, grays, browns – in order for the boot to be worn with a variety of outfits. When you go into a store to shop for boots, there is a large collection of boots in a spectrum of these neutral shades. I will admit that I stick to buying neutral shaded boots because that means that I can wear the boots many times instead of with one outfit. And most of the time, I will wear this neutral boot with a neutral outfit. I match my shade of brown boot with a brown or tan top and jeans because it keeps the outfit simple but sophisticated.

3 – Add Some Fringe

Fringe is a big trend. I’ve seen various types of shoes with fringe, and I’ve even seen skirts, dresses, and tops with fringe. Fringe is everywhere! So add a fringed boot to your collection to make the boot pop with the rest of your outfit. When I’m wearing a more neutral outfit, I like to add my fringe boot to make the outfit have a statement. It’s easy and simple and people will take notice. I constantly get compliments on my grey fringe boots.

Boot 2

4 – Keep It Short

Everyone loves a cute bootie. For a petite girl, I can show off more of my leg instead of taking it away and providing the possibility for me to look shorter than I already am. With a bootie, you have the ability to also change up your pant style. You can wear the pants long and tuck it into the boot or your can roll up the end and make it a cropped pant. I typically stick with tucking my pants in because I hate the cold, but with a bootie, you have so many options.

5 – Put a Little Wedge In It

Wedges are not just for sandals. You can wear a wedge in your boot to give yourself a little more security and balance if you want to wear a heel while you’re walking around for an extended period of time. Most of the time, when I want to wear heels but I don’t want to deal with the pain of the heel all day, I make sure to style my outfit around my wedged boot. I have found many wedged boots in various styles and colors and it is become a consistent style to have.

Boot 3

6 – Play It Down

If you’re like me, in many instances, you want to make sure that you highlight your boots. But there are times you want to play it down and make sure to have your outfit make the statement. The best way to do this is to style your outfit with a flat and very neutral short boot. I typically play my boots down when I’m wearing a dress or statement top that I want people to see and not even look towards my feet.

7 – Add Some Color

Though the trend for boots is to stay with the more neutral colors, every once and awhile you want to add some color. I bought these lovely, red boots from JustFab – I wanted my Footloose style without going completely red. I love that I have a shoe that I can wear with an all black outfit and still add color. But what’s even better is that if you choose the right shade of color, you don’t have to feel obligated to wear it with all black. You can create a color palette with your entire outfit.

Boot 4

8 – Warm Up Your Legs

We all love warmth. At least, I know I do. And the best way to make your feet and legs warmer besides boots and socks is with leg warmers. But not only do leg warmers keep your legs warm, but they also add an extra edge to your outfit. I like to dress up my boots with leg warmers during various occasions. The leg warmers provide a separation between my boots and my pants, and they also get rid of the gap that can become apparent when you buy wider calf boots.

9 – Go Without the Heel

As a petite girl, I typically lean more towards buying and wearing boots with a heel, but that’s not always essential or correct for the occasion. As a grad student, I have to walk from my car to my class which can be quite a hike. So wearing heeled boots for that far walk wouldn’t be the greatest thing to do. Flat boots are great for various occasions and give you a base to start with. I like owning a variety of flatter boots (outside of my UGGs) so that I can dress down while in class or at work. Some of my flat boots are even dressy enough that I can wear a dress or skirt with the boots and head off to work.

Boot 5

10 – Make It You

The most important thing about wearing your boots is to make sure that your boots show off your personal style. Boots are honestly not for everyone. I’ve talked to a lot of females who only wear UGGs during the colder season and that is as far as their boot collection goes. But if you’re looking to further your boot collection and show off your style, just make sure to make it yours.




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