Life After Wedding: How to Plan for Life Together

Livinglesh Talkinig About Life After The Wedding Wearigng Altar D State Outfit

Altar D State Outfit

My husband and I are about four months away from celebrating our first wedding anniversary (here’s a glimpse back at our royal wedding) , and all I can think about is how time flew by. It feels like our wedding day was just yesterday. And as we approach our anniversary, we have been making some big decisions on where we see ourselves going this year and the many years ahead starting with doing some much needed family planning.

At the start of this year, we didn’t make new year’s resolutions. Instead, we talked about what our goals and plans are going to be for this year centering around family planning. As a married couple, we have learned that we must make decisions together in order to have a successful and long-lasting marriage.

Our first goal is to make sure that we stick to our plan to take a trip every summer. So, we are already starting to make decisions on where we want to go, how we are going to get there, and what we are going to do while we are there. He’s on board for something tropical, so he can sit on the beach. But I’m persuading him towards a trip where there’s more of an experience than just sitting on the beach. I’m thinking Spain or Italy. Wine on an Italian vineyard is just what this girl needs.

The next goal we talked about is our plan for where we want to plant our roots. Don’t get me wrong, we love our apartment. It’s comfy and it is a gem of an apartment. When my husband talked about us moving to another apartment in the same area we lived a few months ago, I nearly lost my mind thinking about leaving this little home we created. But we are set to moving at some point into a house that we can call our home. I’ve already started reading some home decor magazines to get ready for when we find our first house.

The last goal we made together has two parts. And it’s the biggest one! We talked about making the plan to expand our family this year. Now, we aren’t completely set on the way we are going to expand our family just of yet. We obviously talked about children, but will that first child have smooth melanin skin or glossy fur. We just aren’t sure yet. I’m on board for both, but hubby says that it’s either or. I guess we just have to see where our lives take us.


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