A Stylish Neutral Look with a Touch of Luxe

Zara And Dynamtie Clothing Scaled

Zara And Dynamtie Clothing

As you know, I am big on creating luxury looks, especially neutral looks, and living the luxury lifestyle without spending that luxury budget. To me, a managed budget is a luxury that I would like to maintain. Many people go under the impression that you can’t create luxury looks without spending tons of money. And I will keep on saying that it isn’t true. Today’s look is a modern luxury look that had many people asking me how much I spent on this outfit. Can you guess?



I’ve shared a few places that I like to shop for luxury looks without spending your whole paycheck awhile back. And I received so many positive notes about how people started shopping at these places and found luxury gems that made them feel that they could create looks while maintaining their budget.

Now, while this look wasn’t purchased from one of the stores previously listed, the blend of stores that I shopped to create this look are definitely stores that I highly recommend to head to so that you can grab individual pieces for your luxury looks.

This everyday, luxe neutral look has pieces from Zara, Dynamite Clothing, Urban Outfitters, and Revolve.

When shopping, you will sometimes find it harder to create a complete luxury look by just shopping one store. So you’ll have to shop a few places to create a look all together. My tip when shopping for luxury looks is to think of the look that you are trying to create and even make the look a neutral look so that you can wear it on a number of occasions. Maybe in bring in a picture that is inspiring your look and head to those stores that have individual luxury styled pieces and begin putting the look together.

The great thing about having various parts is that you can use them to add to other complete luxury looks. I have worn these booties and this belt in a variety of different looks. And the individual pieces have accentuated the entire look and elevated the overall luxe look about it.

A lot of people worry about their luxury look not having the outwardly showing of the brand name – such as having a Gucci belt on in this outfit and it showing the Gucci name. But most of the time, many people passing by aren’t staring at the details. And the overall look is what matters the most. If you want to splurge on that Gucci belt than reward yourself! There is no shame in that game. But you can still keep your budget with the other pieces that won’t show that brand name label right in front. No one can tell whether the pants I’m wearing are $60 or $200. The only person that knows is the person wearing the pants.

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