What To Pack for Vacation to Keep Your Teeth Pearly White

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Travel Toothbrush

What is the one thing that you definitely have to pack in your carry-on bag when you travel? I’ll give you a hint, it is something that some of us tend to forget and it’s usually the last thing we pack if we use the morning before we travel…our toothbrush! Wherever you go, you have to have your toothbrush – it is the main tool we use to improve, maintain, and take care of our smile. At the end of the day, your smile can say a lot about you. For me, my family and friends can tell my level of happiness during the day depending on how big my smile is. And my smile is not always something that I always shared. When I was younger, my teeth grew in, in various directions. Before I got braces, I would hide my smile and try not to show my teeth. It sometimes felt like I was hiding a part of me. But then after a few years of braces, my smile became one of my most attractive qualities and I am always looking to make sure that I am taking care of it, and my new recently found tool for taking care of my smile is the Oclean One toothbrush.



Oclean takes pride in providing smilers with an innovative way to get the most out of their smile. The one great thing that I love about this toothbrush is the technology that is used. Of course, everyone knows that there are electric toothbrushes out there, that is nothing new. But this is a smart toothbrush that gives us, the smilers, a customizable brushing routine that is fit to the brushing needs, wants, and loves of each individual person using it. I absolutely loved it because I often don’t feel like I am treating my smile the way that I should. And while on vacation, I don’t have to worry about packing my charger either because the battery has a 60 day lifespan! So to have a smart toothbrush that is helping me to improve my smile and works within my love-for-travel lifestyle is exactly what the dentist and my inner traveler ordered.

Another perk of using the Oclean One that is different from other electronic toothbrushes that I have experienced in the past is that you’ll get free replacement heads whenever you need them, and you can get them right from the app! It’s like a one stop shop.

So as you are getting ready for your Memorial Day weekend trip, or even if it’s an upcoming summer vacation? Make sure that you are getting the smart Oclean One – the smart toothbrush that you’re smiles wants and needs. And because I love it so much, I am giving away a Oclean One to one of you amazing people! You just need to head to my Instagram profile and enter by following the steps on my Instagram post. It’s super easy.

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