Handbags Fit for the Summer

summer dress

summer dress

Handbags haven’t alway been my thing, but lately, my collection has been overflowing  because I have become so obsessed with having the right handbag for each outfit, each season, and every occasion. Especially as a traveler, summer handbags are important to me. Depending on what you need to carry and what you are planning on wearing, can truly dictate what your outfit will need to look like.


There are so many handbags out there to choose from, and I’ve rounded up some of my top picks that are perfect for those everyday adventures, date night, and luxury travel experiences that I know you have limned up for the summer.


Everyday Casual

When putting your everyday casual look together, you probably have a mixture of tops with jeans, summer dresses, and even some cute little skirt combos that are making you the center of attention anywhere that you go. So you either will want a handbag that is a casual staple or a handbag that is not going to pull too much attention and keep the focus on your outfit. It doesn’t need to be too big but it may need to carry the essentials.

lulu's handbag

Date Nights

Let’s get to those cute clutches that are clutch for those summer date nights out with bae. You don’t need anything to big, so even a wristlet is a great option so that it doesn’t take up too much space the table. Obviously, you need to carry the essentials – everyone needs their ID for those cocktails or that glass of rosé.

lulu's white dress

o'neill's dress lulu's

Beach Days

We all have so me beach day lined up for this summer. And when you’re on the beach, you want to have a bag that can carry more than the essentials so that you don’t have to lug multiple bags across the sand as you find the perfect location to set up in front of the waves. Neutral bags are a good go-to since you’ll be setting the bag in the sand, but some fun colorful ones to match you bathing suit or towel are also some big go-to options.

summer handbag


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