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Wardrobe Foundation

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Whenever someone asks me how I manage not to spend tons of money but have a wardrobe that seems to require its own room, I always respond that it’s all about the foundation of your wardrobe. My wardrobe is no bigger than any average wardrobe. All of my clothes fit into three dresser drawers and half of an apartment size closet. (Because I guess my husband can have the other half…I mean, if he must). And though I do repeat outfits while at work, I could manage to have a different look every single day for an entire month and a half based on the collection of pieces that make up the minimalist foundation of my wardrobe.

We all know that we have to have foundational pieces for making a great outfit. Everyone says that you should have at least one little black dress, a nude pair of shoes, a couple of white tanks and tees, and at least one good pair of jeans. But for me, that’s just laying the edges to the foundation before pouring in the concrete.

To create a strong foundation for your wardrobe, you want to first establish what your personal style is. There is no point of getting those minimalist pieces that are your must-haves if you don’t know your personal style because you’ll end up with pieces in your closet that you’ll wear once or wear because you have nothing else to put on.

I’m not one that wears a lot of mini dresses. The hemline of those dresses make me anxious and I always feel like I’m showing something that I don’t want to. So for me, my little black dress is typically either a midi or a maxi – even with me being a petite woman. That style fits me and I make it mine.

After you’ve determined your personal style and collected your bare essential must-haves, you’re ready to pour in the concrete. The best way to establish a good foundation is to build a collection of various accessories and pieces to layer.

In my closet, you’ll find a variety of belts of different widths, colors, and designs. A belt can change the whole look of an outfit, and they not only are meant for your pants but can do wonders for your dresses. Other accessories to amplify your outfits are a various style of hats and sunglasses and necklaces. A white tee with a chain necklace looks completely different when you wear a bulkier necklace with a little more embellishment.

I also tend to change things up by collecting a variety of jackets. With different colors and styles of jackets, I can purchase that one shirt that may be $50 but spread it out through a variety of different looks by just changing the jacket. I even tested the theory on my husband. When I wasn’t set on a specific look, I just changed the jacket and added a necklace. After I changed, he asked me why I changed my entire outfit.

There’s so much variety you can create without a personal luxury walk-in closet. Now why that is the dream to have one day, I’m still getting by with the closet size I have now with a stylish foundation that is taking my personal style beyond what I could have every imagined a few year ago.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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