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Holiday traditions are important things to have. It gives you something to look forward to and plan for as the holiday season starts to come to be. Hubby and I have started to try to establish our own holiday traditions now that we are married and have settled into our own home. But as we are starting to make our own, I reflect back on the holiday traditions that I had in my childhool. When I was little, my dad has us watching A Charlie Brown Christmas almost every year. At first, I would get annoyed, but soon, I realized this was a holiday family tradition that I would never want to lose. My dad loved Charlie Brown and it could be from the fact that my dad’s name is Charlie too or it could just be that it is one of his childhood classics. But for whatever the reason is, it’s a celebrated moment at home.



This holiday tradition lasted from my childhood through college, and it’s been a little absent because of the big transitions that have happened in my life over the past few years. But as I grew up, I began to love the movie more and more each year – so much that one year I actually asked for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the show, Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree was small and very stragly. But it was so cute and it meant so much to Charlie Brown. One year, when out hunting for a Christmas tree with my dad,  I actually asked whether we could get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree instead of a big Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I was out voted because not many places actually sell trees that are that small and bare.

This year, as I began figuring out what holiday traditions that I wanted to begin celebrating again in our family, I thought of this one. And the inspiration came from the discovery of this sweater dress from Urban Outfitters. My co-worker says it reminds him of just a retro look, but to me, it screams Charlie Brown.

The mixture of patterns and the colors are exactly what I would see Charlie wearing. And on a hunt to a home renovation store (for things unrelated to the holidays), I came across this holiday tree that reminded me of Charlie Brown. When we found it, I immediately told my husband of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I always wanted, but unfortunately, we still didn’t get it. But it was a happy moment either way.

Plus, there’s always next year!

Petite Charlie Brown

Retro Holiday Look
Urban Outfitters Dress
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